Cannes De Festival 2018: From Debutant Mahira To Newly Wed Sonam, Ladies Who Gave As Serious Fashion Lessons


Cannes De  Festival 2018: From Debutant Mahira To Newly Wed Sonam, Ladies Who Gave As Serious Fashion Lessons

Well if your an active person on social media and still haven’t gone through bits and pics of from Festival De Cannes 2018, then you need to revive your social media accounts right now. Because, this is literally the only thing surfacing on everybody’s news feed, whether you want it or not.


Before writing this blog I thought of taking views from my social media accounts and trust me, those views were just ‘pure content’.

Here are the basic knowledge and perception I found among people regarding the trending fashion week.

NOTE: I’m a Pakistani, so most of the content came from Pakistan and India (because of sub-continent, duh!)

  • Cannes is a yearly award ceremony for best-dressed celebrities.
  • Cannes is a yearly award ceremony for best-dressed celebrities.
  • Cannes is a yearly award ceremony for best-dressed celebrities.

No, this is not a typo, this is literally what I found!

Before getting to the actual aim of this lifestyle blog let’s just give a little description of the topic itself.

What is Cannes and what’s all the hype about?


Cannes De Festival, popularly known as Cannes is now trending as #Cannes2108 is a glitzy, glamorous and mega film festival. And when we’re saying ‘festival’, as the event sure makes up for this word.

Hosted in Cannes, the charming French Riviera seaside town that gave it its name – a place fringed with pretty beaches, posh boutiques, grand hotels and starry crowds – this eponymous industry event always features a dazzling collection of film screenings and premieres, each year more magnificent than the one before.

So this festival is one of the biggest film festivals 2018 but it seemed like a ‘fashion festival’ more. That is because our eyes are on celebrities and what they are wearing.

The royal festival is one in a million of its kind!

Pakistan contributed in the Cannes 2018 for the first time (if counted in accordance with hype):


One of the crazy film festivals of all time had a little green and white on the red carpet this year.

Like I said above, we are saying it as the ‘first time’ because of the hype and news it managed to create.

And it’s also because of this hype that we came to knew that Mahira Khan isn’t the first Khan to walk on the red carpet of Cannes but her co-star, Armeena Khan did it first for Pakistan.


Armeena walked the carpet in 2013 representing her own short film “Writhe” at the festival.

While big-names grabbed some serious limelight at the fashion week 2018, we being the ultimate desi, forced our eyes to our ladies.

And when I’m saying ours, I’m virtually living in subcontinent before partition. And while we all believe that art should not have any boundary, I believe appreciation shouldn’t be restricted as well.

Let’s start with our Pakistani beauty who debuted at the Cannes film festival and left a mark at that place:

Mahira Khan – Lady that wore smile anywhere she goes

If the phrase ‘ smile is the best thing that a woman can wear’ had a face it would definitely be this:

Cannes 2018

From gaining fame from small-screen to walking on the biggest film festival, Mahira Khan is just climbing every step of the ladder with style.

Let’s have a look at what Khan wore:

  1.     Rocking the White shirt with denim:

    Cannes 2018

Can we just appreciate how our desi queen rocked the minima/casual look? Add this pose is just a cherry on the top.

  1.    And you thought pajamas as party wear isn’t a thing anymore?

    Cannes 2018

Mahira Khan proved that fashion doesn’t come with a book of rules, it comes straight from the heart.

Here’s how the lady carried pajamas suit in style

  1. Power dressing never goes wrong:Cannes 2018

Hollywood Diva, Angelina Jolie had always managed to leave a mark at the red carpet with her power dressing and Mahira Khan followed the footsteps of her with her power dressing look at the Cannes film festival 2018.

  1. How can the florals on Mahira go wrong?

    Cannes 2018

I don’t know about you but when somebody says Mahira Khan, I think of a smiling lady dressed in flowers. Because that’s what she is!

Being true to her personality, Raees actress showed how you the floral dressing is done.

  1. Showcase your inner-desi with pride:

    Cannes 2018


This is definitely our favorite look of Mahira Khan from Cannes last night. While trolls have been finding ways to label Mahira as ‘wanna bee western’, Mahira here is rocking the saree with braid with an i-can’t-hear-you-in-among-all-this-appreciation face.

  1.   Backup plan is a must:

Cannes 2018

While looking at this confidence, can you imagine that Mahira just went through a major malfunction at one of the biggest events of her life?

This eye-catching, classiest and amazing black gown wasn’t what Mahira was supposed to wear on the red carpet.

Her actual dress got stuck in customs!

Anyways, the queen still rocked her plan B.

While Mahira Khan was debuting at the Cannes film festival, the Bollywood divas had been owning the red carpet for quite a few years now.

Cannes 2018

Bollywood queens avatars turned heads as well.

Whether it’s newlywed Sonam Kapoor Ahuja or mommy-daughter duo, Aishwarya and Aaradhya, Bollywood divas earn great limelight for their nation.

Here are our favorites looks from fashion week 2018:

Cannes 2018

Cannes 2018

Cannes 2018

By Maira Feroz

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