Buying a 5G phone in 2019: Is it a smart move?

Buying a 5G phone in 2019: Is it a smart move?

Apple company is the largest and one of the most successful companies and has been a very progressing one from past years. According to the latest news, it was a hype all over the social media networks and on the other networks for this week that people are mighty waiting for the 5G network phone. They think it’s better to move with technology updating trends as the 4G came after a hugely successful attempt of 3G and it made people to look up for more. But one thing inevitable is that it’s not that easy to jump over and over to new technologies as it has its drawbacks as well. Apple being a massive and huge company advises people not to jump over the conclusion for a 5G phone. They felt it’s too early to buy it now. Maybe in the coming days, things can go much smoother and people can buy a 5G network phone but in 2019 it’s not that reliable.

In earlier conferences, it was rumored that iPhone was up to launch a 5G network on their own and they are working on it to make networking on it better and if they will find flaws, they will manipulate those flaws by making adjustments on it and the news was all set for the launch of 5G network phone soon. iPhone reportedly stated it is going to set off from technology for at least a year to 2020.

Samsung had a press conference lately where they announced for their launch of 5G network phone that could be a turning point for it and with calling up the conference it means they are up for it. They said they are all set for launching the new device to the world as people will welcome them along with the other updated versions of it. Apple is the only one saying it won’t be good for it to launch it now as they will go more for it when it comes to searching and making whole new differences as they will launch it without flaws as far as they reportedly stated. Somehow people are convinced with Apple’s statement that somehow it’s not a nice move to buy a 5G networking phone in the coming year.

Samsung is lunching up the 5G network phone even though they aren’t promising for there move in there 5G facility as they are not even sure about it as well. Samsung itself said it not like we are promising it but it’s just we have worked with the 5G device spectrum and Verizon, it sounds pretty tough but was handled smoothly so we can launch our 6G network soon in the market, customers, clients, and users will not be disappointed that much from them buying it. Every failed attempt is a new step to experience success in a much more meaningful way.

Apple took a break while going with other featured applications and software they want to update their IOS better so that people can access it more meaningfully as compared to the 5G networking device that is not yet made and it will volume up with a bundle of cost working on it without any promising enhancements on it. Apple shows the true picture when they told they are not ready for new technology to rise. As we compare Samsung and Qualcomm, the big brands that are launching the facility haven’t shown the true picture of it as it is still not used by people so how we’ll know whether it’s accessible to a bunch of people or no.

The news comes up with a controversial statement that on the conference of 5G network launch, none of the people were allowed to touch the 5G devices as they just showed it and it was giving an image of exactly opposite from what they promise to show. The speed was promised to be higher and when comparing it went with 140Mbps. Every one the limited Hawaii conference admitted that it has no new delighting features as they were telling. The report was manipulated to attract more people to join up for this campaign though it wasn’t very much inviting for people to get on to it. So a huge difference is being made and called it out for us all to accept it, while Apple being the only one supporting not to buy it until it comes to a fine report for people to invest their holdings on it.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.