Breaking News: Nawaz Sharif to be jailed for 10 years!


Pakistan’s governmental issues have always been extremely tumultuous and intriguing. Since the very beginning, it has been the top news among the general population. Pakistani lawmakers grumble about Pakistan and the Pakistani equity being under the charge of the Army. The defense system has a solid base and has been doing its activity right, taking a shot at the boundaries and furthermore taking care of foreign and internal affairs. In the recent past, the Pakistani politics has been disruptive, and riotous. Pakistan has been facing extraordinary challenges in its political and economic system because of which the civilians have been suffering. The people keep complaining about the democratic parties and rightfully so. The system has led its people to joblessness, unemployment, and corruption. Pakistan’s stability depends upon the government’s efforts to coup with the difficult situation. Pakistan is in a huge debt because of all the money loaned by the government over the period of time. In fact, few of the loan giving platforms now refuse to lend money because of the huge amount of already unpaid loan. Apart from the corrupt politicians, there is furthermore an involvement of the religious sects. The Pakistani political system has been controlled by two major parties that are the Sharifs and the Bhutto-Zardari clan for a very long time. Both of the parties highly corrupt and deceitful. These politicians are all about illegal money and overseas property. These parties have been ruling the country for decades.

The Bhutto clan began off from the extremely compelling Zulfiqar Bhutto who has been viewed as a standout amongst the most ground-breaking lawmakers ever. Despite the controversies and the criticism, Bhutto remains Pakistan’s most famous pioneer and furthermore has a positive picture internationally. In today’s time, the party is run by the very young Bilawal Bhutto who is the son of Benazir Bhutto, the first and so far the only female Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan. PPP is currently and has been the ruling party in Sindh for a very long time.
The other major party that is Pml-N is also the serving government. It is additionally an exceptionally powerful party. Shahbaz Sharif is currently serving as the president of the party. Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of the disqualified ex-prime minister of Pakistan and the ex-president of the party Nawaz Sharif, also plays an important role in the stability of the party after her father’s disqualification. Shahbaz Sharif was announced the parties president after Nawaz Sharif was disqualified and was announced incapable of turning into the Prime Minister.
“It is just a beginning,” these were the words of Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf and a petitioner in the high profile Panama Case. Khan was one the three petitioners and hailed Supreme courts justice. Pakistan’s Supreme court gave one the most astounding judgment on 28th July 2017 when it disqualified Nawaz Sharif for dishonesty and ruled corruption cases be filed against him and his children over Panama Paper scandal.
On 3rd April 2016 ICIJ made 11.5 million secret documents, later known as Panama Papers, public. The Panama papers exposed many politicians and other powerful people across the globe, few of them were Pakistanis. Nawaz Sharif and his children’s names were also in the Panama papers. It revealed links between the Sharif family and eight offshore companies. Initially, the Supreme court of Pakistan ruled to form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for the investigation of money laundering and the offshore properties of Nawaz Sharif and his children. Nawaz Sharif announced that if proven guilty he will resign. Later Imran Khan filed a petition, seeking Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification. This petition was also backed by other politicians such as Sheikh Rasheed of Awami Muslim League and Siraj ul Haq of Jamat e Islami. Imran Khan called out his workers and supporters and staged a sit-in outside Nawaz Sharif’s residence at Raiwand.
After all the examination and the hearings, the Supreme court reported its underlying decision on twentieth April. Under the choice of 3-2, the Supreme court proclaimed that there was insufficient confirmation for the disquisition of Nawaz Sharif. And ordered the development of JIT for the further examination of the denounced. The JIT was requested to finish its examination within 60 days and present the court with its procedures in every 15 days. In the wake of hearing JIT’s last report and assembling all the evidence the Supreme court of Pakistan declared its judgment and lastly pronounced Nawaz Sharif Disqualified on 28th July 2017. The court pronounced Sharif deceptive in exhibiting data about his Dubai based and other offshore properties. In the final verdict, Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from serving as the Prime Minister and was also barred from public office for the lifetime due to his dishonesty and corruption.
The court moreover governed the National Accountability Bureau NAB to document a reference against Nawaz Sharif, his children and furthermore his son-in-law Capt Safdar.
A year later in today’s headline news, we are informed that Nawaz Sharif is to be jailed for 10 years, Maryam Nawaz for 7 years and Capt Safdar for a year along with a huge amount of penalty. And furthermore there properties have been ordered to be auctioned.
This decision of Pakistan’s Supreme Court shows us a ray of hope that the country is moving towards the light.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.