Are there any Good fun places in Karachi?

Fun Places In Karachi

In a city like Karachi, people are usually stuck into their office routines, University schedules, school and college timings that they can’t manage to take some time for their selves. Plus, with the lack of quality entertainment and amusement activities, it can be even more difficult to get your dose of fun and refreshment.

Karachi is a relatively large city with a huge population that’s always looking for creative ways to kill time. But sadly, all of our entertainment revolves around eating food, which is increasing depression and .unhealthiness in an inconceivable scale.

There are still few awesome amusement centers for the people of Karachi like Port Grand, Super Space Karachi, Aladin Amusement Park, Bounce and Battlestation. Not only that, but recreational clubs like Pavilion End Club also offer family membership with facilities to enjoy; however, these are the only options Karachiites have and most of the time people can’t seem to enjoy them due to distance and a strict schedule.

Fun Places

New Super Bus in Karachi

Pavilion End Club is introducing something new in town and it’s called Super Bus Karachi.  Super Bus in Karachi is a breath of fresh air in amusement. Can’t make it to that favorite theme park of yours because it is too far? Don’t sweat it, because Super Bus Karachi brings all your favorite rides and games to the place you want it to be.

Pavilion End Club introduced Super Bus for people that are stuck in their offices, schools and universities yet seek entertainment to lighten-up their mood. It’s the perfect solution for fun-seekers. If you can’t come to the fun, fun will come to you.

Fun Places

What’s Inside of Super Bus in Karachi

Super Bus is the ultimate amusement experience on the go. It has the latest and greatest when it comes to rides and games. Here’s a list of all the rides and games you can experience in Super Bus in Karachi:

Laser Maze Escape Arena

Laser Maze is a fun interactive game for all inside of this amazing bus. All players have to do is to avoid the oncoming lasers and make it to the other side to nab a win.

Fun Places

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality gaming is the inevitable future of gaming and Super Bus got it. In VR Gaming, players put on their VR headset to dive into a world of immersive and interactive gaming. It’s one of the best games inside of Super Bus in Karachi.

Fun Places

Karaoke Arena

In Karaoke, Super Bus lets you become the singer you always wanted to be. Simply grab a microphone, select your favorite song and sing along in the amazing Super Bus in Karachi. This is the most fun-packed game for the whole family.

Fun Places

Where to catch Super Bus in Karachi?

Super Bus is currently located inside of Pavilion End Club and they are organizing a huge fun-packed launch party for it. In the launch party, the bus will be revealed alongside some of your favorite celebrities and vloggers. So it’s an event that you don’t want to miss!