Apple jumps into 3 cameras race by following Huawei


As we all know that this year Huawei comes out of the box and introduce 3 cameras in P20 at the back you can check it in the image below:

huawei p20 pro

Following Huawei footsteps now Apple is likely to introduce iPhone with 3-back cameras this year, yes you heard absolutely correct before the report was revealed that in 2019 the triple-back camera can be set up in iPhone, but now it is likely to be displayed this year. Now let’s see if is it possible this year? So far, only three back cameras have been released only in the Huawei P20 and Apple is likely to become another company in which three cameras can be set up.

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According to a report from Forbes, potentially 3 iPhones can be introduced in 2018, one of which will have 3 camera lenses on the iPhone X Plus back.

iPhone X with 3 Cameras

Let’s talk about Huawei P20 Pro, in P20 Pro one camera at the back helps in taking a maximum of photos of a lens, while another camera is with a telephoto lens that helps to take a portrait shot and the third camera is actually a monochrome lens that makes the extra details part of the image.

It is not clear yet that this year, the Triple Camera Setup in the iPhone X will work similarly, or Apple will add Depth Sensing better with AR technology.

Similarly, Apple is likely to introduce a ‘cheap iPhone X’ that can be larger than the previous year’s iPhone X with a 6.1-inch screen. However, it will be given only a camera on the back instead of Dual and with no 3D touch. Apple-based Face ID detection technology will be updated to iPhone X Plus and other models but will not be updated with the budget iPhone X and it would likely to be the same year last year, but it’s a significant decrease in the price, which could cost $300 less to the previous year’s model price.