Android or iOS which is better and why?

Android or iOS

The biggest war of the 21st century is not of race or religion but it is of which operating system is better than the other and in the forefront of this race are two competitors who are giving their 100& day and night trying to overcome each other. These two operating systems are Android and IOS. These OS have been at each other neck since 2010 and there has not been a clear cut winner yet or so the people think. We will take you on a ride which will make you see and possibly learn about these two OS and know who really won this ongoing battle.

Android is mostly used in every device nowadays and it is cheaper and more accessible than IOS, whereas IOS is only limited to Apple devices. Android is mostly used OS while IOS is the most trusted one. Android is more convenient and can be fixed easily and it gives users the control to upgrade or update it however they like to and it can also use or install other software’s which are not available on the Android’s own marketplace. Android is growing so much that it has replaced every other software in town except for the IOS which proves to be its nemesis. IOS came on the iPhone 3 and since it has spread like a wildfire in the mobile industry, it is the safest OS there is and it is more protected than the android and hence, less prone to viruses. IOS gives a lot of features which android can’t or won’t give one of which is the FaceTime, a brilliant video calling application that is more reliable and secure than other video calling application there is.  Another feature that the IOS has is the data recovery which has been made so easy that losing your data is now considered a thing of the past where Android can be easily hacked and its data lost or misplaced.

Now let’s see the cons of these OS. First of all, let’s talk about android. It has been present more than a decade yet its security is as bad as it was when it was first launched. The response time of Android is slow as compared to the iPhone and the applications are full of viruses and bugs. These problems arise due to the android being open to all developers so anyone can make and create applications and put them on the androids marketplace. Android doesn’t seem to work on its security, no matter how much the people are annoyed by it. Another con of android is that it can be hacked easily and with very little efforts as numerous reports have shown in the past whereas the security of iPhone is as secure as the fort Knox. Now let’s move on to the cons of the IOS, first of all, it is very limited in use, you can only use what IOS wants you to use, no matter if it’s a theme or some application. It cannot be easily upgraded nor it can be updated and it requires a specialist to be corrected meaning a person sitting in a home cannot fix his own phone. iPhone is very limited when it comes to features and that is mainly due to its strict OS which doesn’t let its user download and install things from the web no matter how much they want to, If you cannot find it in the IOS marketplace then forget about it. IOS gives very little freedom to its user which most of the times is a pain which cannot be treated. IOS is not very adaptable to the users wants and needs to infect it makes the user change his wants and needs to its own liking.

These above-highlighted problems are very few as compared to the benefits these OS give. Now the debate is which is better to use, Android or IOS, and the answer lies within ourselves. Yes, we the users can pick the winner based on our own uses and wants. No, there is no winner in this fight and there never will be because these OS are built for very different types of people, IOS is for those who like their privacy and want speed and application while the android is for those who want creativity and freedom and customization. So, the winner for the most youngster is Android while for the professional people it is IOS. The OS has always been the fan favorites and believes me, this war will go on for as long as it can due to the absolute craze or fan following these two have seemed to have. Android or IOS, it is up to you to decide that not me or any other person out there in the IT.