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Amazing Gwadar Trip

Gwadar Trip

Hey everyone, we are back with another excellent article for you to read. In the mid of September 2021, I went on a short 4-day vacation. The destination was the fabled city of Gwadar. I wanted to visit Gwadar before Ramadan 2021, and you would have read this article a lot earlier. The Gawad trip was scheduled for Friday morning, and I went to sleep around 1 AM. I received the notification that they canceled the trip due to lockdowns, and the plan was delayed to September.

Fast forward to today. I have been to Gwadar, and let me share my amazing Gwadar trip experience with you. We went to Gwadar and multiple places like the Princess of Hope, Kund Malir, Ormara, and multiple stops in Gwadar. The entire trip went awesome. The sightseeing went great, and the food options were lovely. The biggest attraction was the wide beaches. I mean, totally wow.

MeetUp At Dolmen Mall Clifton

Long story short, we planned to meet up at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. I met everyone around 9 AM, and when all of us were gathered there, we went on our trip. The first stop we reached was Bab-e-Balochistan. The entry gate of Balochistan started once we got past the hub chokie. We had a small pit stop at Winder(A small town in Balochistan) for refreshments and toilet breaks. Moving on, on the way, we were stopped regularly by multiple Army check posts. This showed the level of security these roads have. Finally, we reached the Makran Coastal Highway. It was nowhere near the coast at the starting point.

Brief Stop Kund Malir Beach

Brief Stop Kund Malir Beach

Before reaching Kund Malir, we stopped at the Agor National Park check post. We also had a small stop at the graves of the Subordonets of Fateh Sindh Muhammad-ibn-Qasim right in front of Mata Mandir. I took quite a few pics of them—what a magnificent sight.

Group Photo At Kund Malir

We stopped at Kund Malir for a brief stay and some photography. Kund Malir is a beautiful place full of amazing cliffs and a clean beach. The whole area is amazing, and it’s worth exploring for hours. If you are a wild sea life enthusiast, you will find extraordinary creatures at the Kund Malir rocky shore of Kund Malir. Kund Malir has a dedicated sightseeing and photography area on a high cliff where we took this group picture.

Brief Stop Princess Of Hope

Princess Of Hope

We moved on from Kund Malir. Some of us decided to ride on the roof of the bus. The bus ride on the roof was a fantastic experience. It was us on the roof, mountains on the right side, and mountains on the left side, climbing road, and wind blowing through our hair. We even took a small stop at the Princess Of Hope for sightseeing, and I even explained a bit of the area to my new friend I met on the trip. He even made a youtube video about our whole Gwadar trip. Please haveSiddiqui a look at my friend’s YouTube Channel.

Night Stay Ormara Beach

Ormara Beach

Moving on from the Princes of Hope, we finally reached Ormara Beach but after nightfall. The night was very windy, so windy our tents were blowing away in the wind. In the distance, I saw some creatures running, which I thought were birds. Upon closer inspection, I realized that those were crabs hunting for food during the night. Those were some really big crabs, as big as my hands. I even caught two crabs. One of the crabs got away before I could get a picture of it. But the other one I saw, Siddiqui, I got it to film. 

We had a dinner BBQ at Ormara and even watched a movie. We couldn’t start the bonfire as the night was too windy. The morning was beautiful. The sight of the mountains at Ormara was amazing and something to be loved. When leaving Ormara, we stopped at a restaurant and had breakfast. The omelet Paratha was not that good, honestly. The omelet was delicate, but the paratha was like a regular roti, just a bit fried.

Welcome To Gwadar City

Pearl Continental Hotel Gwadar

After the longest drive of our Gwadar trip, we reached Gwadar city. It is honestly a magnificent city and a place you would love to visit. Gwadar is a developing city, and you can significantly achieve from it. It’s a great place to start a new business or buy property. But the natural beauty of Gwadar is the seashore and the Hammerhead Plato. The hotel we checked in was right in front of the sea, and we had a lovely view from the first floor.

View From Hotel

Sunset Park

Sunset Park

The Sunset Park is a park specially made on the right peak of the HammerHead Plato to view the Sunset and sunrise. It has a lovely view of the Sunset, and right alongside the park is a stairway that leads to the golden beach. While on the way to sunset park, we also saw the Pearl Continental Hotel Gwadar. PC has reaped the benefits of the early mover advantage. We returned from Sunset park and had a great dinner at a local restaurant. We also celebrated someone’s birthday after dinner.



The amazing Gwadar trip continued. The next morning, we woke up early and returned to the HammerHead Plato’s bottom. There we had to climb almost 1200 feet of stairs. Some of the stairs were damaged, making the climb dangerous, but the adventure excited us immensely. Upon reaching the top, we made it to the Koh-e-Batil. The Koh-e-Batil gives you a great view of Gwadar city. You can see all the city, the fishermen’s port, the international port, the Gwadar stadium, and many more places are visible from this clifftop.

International Cricket Stadium Gwadar

International Cricket Stadium Gwadar

After coming down from Koh-e-Batil, we moved towards The International Cricket Stadium Gwadar, a work in progress. It has a lovely view of the Hammerhead Plato behind it, but it needs to be built much more prominent before it is worthy of International Cricket Stadium.

Gwadar Locality & Beach

Gwadar Locality & Beach

After the stadium, we moved towards the local market. In the local market, we saw a lot of merchandise from Iran. The prices of the Irani products were almost half of that in Karachi, and the taste was so natural.

Gwadar HammerHead Plato

Gwadar HammerHead Plato

Gwadar Hammerhead Plato is a vast cliff. The history of HammerHead Plato is that it was formed due to a massive earthquake. Due to the earthquake, the HammerHead Plato rose from the ground to above sea level. This is how the location of the Gwadar deep seaport was formed by nature.

The People I Met On My Trip

This amazing Gwadar trip was too much fun. The real benefit of the Gwadar trip was the people I met and the new friends I made. Few of the people, along with me, were micro-influencers. The first guy with whom I became friends was Maaz Siddique. Maaz is a content creator and YouTuber. His main hobby is Photography, and he is very good at it. Here is a link to his Youtube Channel. The Diary Of Maaz Siddique.

The Diary Of Maaz Siddique

The second fantastic person I met was a guy named Usama Aslam. Usama is a regular participant on the Bol Entertainment Channel in the Khush Raho Pakistan Show hosted by Faisal Qureshi. He was entertaining to be with and overall a very nice guy. Here is his Instagram Handle @usamaaslam.mughal

Usama Aslam

The third mention-worthy person I met was another micro influencer but a big one. I met Liaba Lari. She is a celebrity on Instagram with 40 Thousand Plus followers. She is also a great artist as well. Do take a look at her beautiful artwork on her Instagram. @laibalariii

By Faizan Elahi Qureshi

Student of Digital Marketing.