All The Updates From Google I/O Conference 2018

GGoogle I/O Conference 2018

After the social media giant, Facebook’s F8 conference, it’s time to give all the details about the technology giant, Google’s conference.

It’s that time of the year when the tech blogs in Pakistan and from around the world get excited. You guessed it right, it’s the time tech-giants conferences!

Google’s flagship conference, more commonly known as, Google I/O Conference, is a Conference organized by the tech-giant itself to provide a platform for its flagship developers.

Straight from Mountain View California: Google I/O Conference 2018 Was One Tech Geeks Day

Like I said above, this time of the year is the best time for the tech geeks around the world. Google I/O Conference had always managed to stand out among all other tech and business events.

This year went as phenomenal as before, all the technology news hunters have grabbed updates for the whole year. This year’s conference kicked off just recently in Mountain View, California.

If you missed the exceptional tech conference then here’s a day by day details of what happened in the Google I/O Conference 2018:

First Day First Announcement

The first day of the conference contained the keynote along with an official announcement that the Google Research division was being rebranded to Google AI.

Android P Developer Preview 2, Google Duplex, new Assistant voices, and much more is coming your way.

Here are the 7 important announcements that you need to know:

  1.  Android P:

    GGoogle I/O Conference 2018

Here’s comes the most highlighted used from the mega tech event. Google mobile operating system Android P has plans that you weren’t expecting.

Features have been added to make the smartphone a bit smarter. Machine learning is extensively being used to learn from user behavior and drive the smartphone processes.

Android P is going to be smarter than Android Oreo in four ways. Don’t believe us? Here’s why we are claiming it:

First, it’s becoming better at conserving battery life through what Google calls an adaptive battery. This is going help you see a 30% reduction in CPU app wake-ups for apps that the operating system predicts you won’t actually use for the rest of the day.

Google is also getting smarter when it lights up the screen. In addition to taking into account your environment, adaptive brightness is learning your own personal preferences. Can we all just appreciate this intelligence?

  1.    Google Assistant:

Google I/O Conference 2018

Even the tech giant’s AI is getting revamp and the updated features are every techie’s dream.

Not one, not two but six new voices have been introduced voice datasets to the Assistant’s database. Among one of the six new voices that have been introduced on top of the original voice of Holly, one is of John Legend, the famous American singer.

Moreover, Google Assistant will now have more realistic voices for human-like conversation and potential to ask multiple questions.

  1.   Google Photos:

Google I/O Conference 2018 brought some amazing features for its users but my personal favorite is got to be Google Photos revamped!

According to the newly introduced features, Google Maps will be able to take cues from machine learning and artificial intelligence, using it for more realistic image processing.

Here comes my favorite:

Google Maps will now be able to colorize a black and white photo, if you have one from the retro times, and edit it to perfection for you.

  1.   Smarter and better Gmail:

We all are aware of the importance this mere application has managed to create in our lives and the good part is it’s becoming more handy post the Google developer’s conference.

As per this new feature in Gmail, machine learning is being used to automatically type entire phrases for the users.

Not only will it predict the next word but this feature complete entire sentences taking help from the user’s personal history.

  1.  AR navigation in Maps:

    Google I/O Conference 2018

In order to make Google Maps are a more social platform. The software developers at Google have rolled out some new features for the application.

The users will be able to coordinate with their friends from within the application’s interface to choose among a variety of places.

Furthermore, Google Maps has also integrated Augmented Reality navigation on the screen.

This is how it will work:

The users will now just be able to point their cameras towards a road or any street and Google will take help from the Street View data to give you AR directions on the go.

  1.  Google Duplex:

So one of the most appreciated and trending updates from Google I/O Conference 2018 is of Google Duplex.

n a video shown on the keynote, Google Assistant was shown having a conversation with a real employee and getting a booking done for the user. An initial version of this update will soon be rolled out which, for now. Will allow users to get business hours from different businesses.

  1.  Buckle for July as Google will roll out Google Smart Display:

Here comes another big announcement straight from Mountain View California.

The tech giant announced that Google will soon debut displays that will come integrated with giant’s very own Google Assistant. These smart displays will start shipping to the end-users as soon as this July.

Here are some of the big technology updates we thought you can’t afford to miss.

By Maira Feroz

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