All that you need to know about Super Space Karachi


After the successful business by Super Space Hyderabad, Karachi too came with its very own Super Space indoor theme park. This is the first indoor theme park in the city which opened its gates for the general public on the first day of Eid. Super Space indoor theme park is one of the best indoor sports and recreational spot for all age groups which is there to distribute fun and happiness to the people of the city of lights. If you live in Karachi and in case you were getting cheesed off in these summer holidays, this news is totally for you.
Super Space is now open for you!

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The best solution to your boring summer holidays!

Is it precise to state that you are worn out on your boring excursions starting at now? Whine not; there is something fun and entertaining right in your own Karachi city. You don’t need to sit back, loosen up, and sit tight for it. You need to get up, spread the news, and let your friends and allies know that there is another recreational indoor entertainment come and have your joy ride in it. So now we present to you Pakistan’s first instinctive indoor diversion stop ‘Super Space Karachi!’

This theme park serves to be a standout among other indoor parks and recreational areas that serve people of all age groups. Here at Super space Karachi the blend of recreational, adventurous and euphoric recreational activities are planned under one housetop. A part of the attractions fuses haunted house, family rides, kiddy rides, thrill rides, development rides and a huge indoor trampoline. The place is outfitted with each one of the charms which allow a pretty much fun and adventurous preoccupation for the visitors specifically the kids.

Super Space Karachi does not only offer one or two games on a single gigantic platform, but it promises to bring about an immense amount of super fun and ultra amazing games, that will revitalize all kids, teenagers, and adults too if they’re looking towards having the time of their life!

So before you plan on traveling and exploring each and every nook and cranny of this brilliantly architect-ed indoor theme park, let us first give you a detailed overview of the entire park so that you will understand the entertainment you are going to meet already before even setting a foot in the boundary of this place.

Following is all the information you need to know about Super Space Karachi!
So let the fun begin!!

Super Space Karachi is the ultimate fun source and the best platform for adventure for people of all ages!

1. Laser tag:


Do you have what it takes to make your foe to lose a fight with you? Is it accurate to say that you will make the opponent weak in the knees by displaying splendid ability in the session of laser firearms? Try not to attempt clench hand battle this time, attempt laser tag! Laser tag includes laser firearm and all you need to do to play is that you need to go for your rival’s weapon and shoot at it. Whoever scores more will win it. Tip: Target your adversary group with a weapon, and no one would have the capacity to prevent you from winning. Super Space indoor amusement stop has an extraordinary zone assigned to this diversion and the number of individuals who come just to have a laser tag battle with their companions is crazy!

2. Bounce:


Do you cherish bouncing around like children but your parents won’t let you do so? Good news fella! Super Space Karachi has the biggest bounce zone in the entire Karachi. So now in order to jump freely and have a fun-filled experience while at the same time doing it, stop by at Super Space’s indoor trampoline stage!

3. Haunted house:


Are you sure you are not a baffled of anything? If you claim so, you definitely need to endeavor the spooky house at Super Space Karachi and show that you really aren’t. Super Space Karachi presents to you the best spooky house that will test your courage.

4. Bumper Cars:


Bumper cars have always been the most fun thing at any recreational park since our childhood. We all love it and Super Space Karachi has made sure that our ultimate childhood obsessions do not get missed in this gigantic theme park. Join the fun at Super space Karachi while hopping on the best bumper cars and experience a whole new level of adventure with your friends and family now!

Other major attractions…

These are not the only exciting things at Super Space Karachi, there are a lot more fun and adventurous things in the biggest indoor theme park of Karachi. Other major attractions include Ninja obstacle course, Monorail, Mirror maze, Softplay area, Arcade Games and many more. Not only this but there are hot spots healthy food and drinks as well. for So what are you waiting for Karachiites? Join the adventure now!

By Faiza Ahsan

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