Alert: Your smartphone can take pictures and make videos secretly!


Nowadays it will be weird if we found a person without a smartphone, so the smartphone becomes part of our lives, but this is also a very strong threat to our privacy. Your smartphones may not hear what you say, but they can secretly see everything you are doing.

Yes, American researchers discovered that smartphone applications can record their video footage or take pictures without screening or letting you know and it can be sent to third parties easily.

Research has been discovered in many cases that these apps secretly make a user’s personal information footage. Scientists at the North Eastern University were investigating the rumors that smartphone apps record high-speed microphone by recording user’s secret messages so that they can show more ads online. So we discovered that this rumor I did not have the truth, but the more terrible fact is that these apps can record video footage and forward, forward.

Phone Sending Data

During this research, researchers analyzed more than 17,000 popular Android apps, including multiple Facebook applications. They found that more than 50% of apps are allowed to access consumer cameras and microphone which has an opportunity to record their activities when an app is open.

Researchers say that there was no evidence that smartphone applications can make a secret audio recording of users through a microphone and sent it to third parties, but some of the applications will definitely be able to record continuous footage and screenshots.

The more horrible thing is that the terms of these apps do not let users know that their information can be gathered through footage. The results of this research will be presented in Barcelona next month on a schedule. Let’s wait and watch if any authority is going to take action against it or not. We will keep you update about it.