After Instagram, Whatsapp Has Introduced The Much-Awaited Video Calling Feature


One of the most leading chatting application, Whatsapp, is regarded for coming up with new features and Whatsapp updates every now and then. In order to keep up with its ritual, Whatsapp has introduced the mighty new feature that we all have been waiting for.

It’s getting almost impossible for social media platforms to compete with the usage of Whatsapp. Let’s be honest, checking Whatsapp has now become part of our biological clock. Even if there’s absolutely no need of opening the application’s window, we still feel the urge inside us to check it every 2 seconds.

This ultimate desire that has made almost everyone an avid user of this chatting application is all because of its super-handy and super-easy features. We aren’t exaggerating the use of Whatsapp, you can witness it yourself as well. The amount of elderly people on Whatsapp and especially on Whatsapp groups proves that the application is user-friendly for all ages.

Whatsapp is making Whatsapp groups more exciting with this brand new feature:


Oh, WhatsApp group, the most chaotic, exciting and populated place that can ever exist! Whether it is your friends’ group, family group, office colleagues group or a temporary group WhatsApp groups have taken over every application that provides group chatting.

While I personally loathe my family WhatsApp group, I couldn’t be more thankful for the existence of my ‘female gang WhatsApp group‘, but now that Whatsapp has introduced another amazing feature, I believe it makes me start liking my family WhatsApp group as well.

Now that half of the readers have left this overly-dragged technology blog, it’s time to skip any more personal information and get to the real point.

The biggest online application, Whatsapp, has introduced its long-awaited video calling feature which will be available on its iOS and Android applications.

Just two years back, in 2016, Whatsapp experimented its video calling feature that went super-successful and is functioning till date. Being an avid social media user, I’ve tested all video calling feature provided by different social media applications but couldn’t be satisfied with any one of them. The satisfaction in me mostly occupied by a poor camera and voice quality. But when I first tried Whatsapp video calling feature, I found myself somewhere contended due to better picture and voice quality. It was surprising for me to find myself talking and not questioning the person whether he could hear me or not.

Will Whatsapp video calling feature complement user like Instagram is doing?

Okay, coming back to the video calling feature. The parent company of Whatsapp, Facebook, was found making promises of new changes in its applications, in the Facebook conference held recently.

In the F8 Conference held in May 2018, Facebook announced to introduce video calling feature to its applications, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Keeping up with its promises, Facebook blessed the Instagram users with some really cool features last month.  One of the major features rolled out by Instagram, was IGTV, a video platform for hour-long videos. Then later came up, Instagram Direct, the amazing group video calling feature that allows a group of four friends (maximum) to video call. The super cool thing about this feature is that you can also minimize the video chat and browse on your Instagram feed at the same time!

Both the application have a similar pattern of restrictions regarding their video calling feature. Here’s how more uses of WhatsApp‘s new application can be achieved:

  1. Open one friend’s chat
  2. Click on the Video Call icon
  3. When the call starts, touch the “Add participants” icon
  4. Select the people you want to add to the call

Isn’t it super easy?

How private are your video calls on social media platforms?

A lot had happened in 2017 and 2018, that has made the social media users super doubtful and unsafe of these mega social media sites. The constant breaching of trust and privacy has resulted in a decrease in the usage of these applications. This was seen recently when Facebook released its quarterly earnings in 2018 and a massive loss of users was seen because of all the scandals Facebook went through this year.

While Whatsapp is considered a much safer place as no scandals were brought to the tech news markets regarding the application, it’s not easy to gain the entire trust of already betrayed generation.

But WhatsApp has reiterated that its calls are end-to-end encrypted. Which means that no chances of any hacking or data being interrupted etc.

We believe that Whatsapp latest feature is a much-needed step as many corporate companies are now preferring to use trendy social media application as their means of communication. And now that a video calling feature has rolled out, we believe that this will surely be very handy for work-based discussions.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.