ACCA – What CA Couldn’t Offer

ACCA – What CA Couldn’t Offer

A Flexible Structure

CA is notable for its inflexible test structure and compulsory articleship experience. This may be both a boon and bane. A uniform exam structure for all the candidates is another one of the dilemmas in the CA course. ACCA offers a different approach to all the problems which exist in CA courses. ACCA is one of the most flexible courses in the commerce field. One can pick the pace they are agreeable inside their study plans. The Course coverage too varies depending on the candidate’s existing qualification. So ACCA offers what CA couldn’t offer.

A Course In Disguise?

Most of the candidates consider ACCA abroad equal to the Indian CA course. They will consider the syllabus of both the exams to be more or less the same. But they are completely wrong in their perception. Yes, ACCA is indeed considered to be a professional accountant valued globally, and CA is valued only in India. But the scope of ACCA is wider than the validations of international organizations. There is a basic difference in the course structure as well.

Articleship or Hardship

One of the most prominent things is the ordering of articleship. Articleship is one of the principle reasons numerous students drop out of their CA course. Also, the time required to complete the articleship is more than the whole course schedule. But ACCA redresses this issue. It very well may be a breather for many students.

A Change in Structural Law

CA offers its entire point of view in the Indian setting. All the laws they cover and all regulation knowledge they expect are of Indian perspective. So a CA candidate may need to update himself with additional knowledge when working in multinational cooperation and intergovernmental institutions. But ACCA doesn’t constrain their coverage in any single perspective. Their main focus is to establish the students aware of international compliance laws and regulations. So they will find it easier to adapt to the changing global trend. Many candidates will argue that their whole life is going to be spent in India and they don’t need to be aware of the international laws and regulations. But that will be one of the reasons for their future struggles in their compliance because the definition of local trade is becoming more and more remote.

A Root Level Tie-ups

To get a CA degree, Candidates have to rely on many institutions among them includes a mandatory tie-up with ICAI. But ACCA has a direct tie-up with many institutions and educational universities. And the tie-up rate is growing exponentially with more and more colleges and institutions joining the ACCA governing body. So a candidate can pursue their goal of becoming ACCA in a different organization route with their selections of choices. It is one of the main advantages ACCA has over CA. Lots of organizations are seeing the value ACCA provides and joining their hands in providing the students with necessary course modules. The penetration of these institutions is extraordinary when compared to the decades earlier. A simple search term like ‘ACCA Coimbatore’ will yield a scrolling list of countless institutions.

Higher Pass out rate

CA is one of the courses which has the lowest pass out rate. For every 100 students appearing for the exam, less than 10 students will be awarded CA. So the probability of getting a CA degree for a candidate is less than 0.1. Limiting supply may be one of the reasons for this trend. On the other hand, ACCA doesn’t have this limited constraint. So the dropout rate is very very low in ACCA courses and it is one of the best financial courses which offers a higher probability of success rate.

A Standout From The Crowd

There is a countless supply of candidates for financial related work. Most of them are filtered through the ICAI system which uses CA courses as a tool. But over time, it too became a clogged supply. Now there are more CA candidates than the demand needs. This may explain the reason why it has a high dropout rate. ACCA completely stands out from this perspective. With the higher pass out rate and more global recognitions, ACCA stands out in the financial crowd.