AB Devilliers Left International Cricket And Here’s How The Cricket World Reacted


One of the burning sports news today is not very happening for the cricket fans around the globe. South Africa’s A class player announced his surprise retirement from international cricket and now the world can’t keep it together.

Whenever the word ‘star batsman’ and South Africa come together, an imaginary space is left for only one name, and that is AB De Villiers. Recently this star batsman announced his surprise retirement from International cricket which left his fans in utter shock and disbelief.


“I have decided to retire from all international cricket with immediate effect,” AB said in a statement.

Devilliers 14-years long shining career came to an end:

The 34-years-old cricketer was one loved player in and off the pitch. Whether you are a cricket enthusiast or just a basic cricket watcher, you know something big is going to happen as soon as this man steps onto the pitch.

It has been a rare sight to see AB going back to the pavilion without scoring much because this man usually owns the pitch everytime he plays!

The South African player announced his shocking departure from international cricket on the widely used social networking site, Twitter.

“It took a long time making the tough decision,” says Develier:

I don’t really follow cricket religiously, but because of being an avid social media user I knew something big just happened yesterday.

Statuses, posts, and tweets started flooding all over the place as soon as the madly loved cricket announced his retirement.

Before taking you to reactions to this latest sports news update, here’s what the star cricketer had to say about his big decision:

After 114 Test matches, 228 ODIs, and 78 T20 Internationals, it is time for others to take over. I have had my turn, and to be honest, I am tired.” The 34-year-old said it had taken him a long time to make the “tough” decision and that he decided to quit while still playing “decent cricket”.

So before you began assuming things on your own. Remember that this decision was as tough for AB as it is for his fans.

After the fantastic series wins against India and Australia, now feels like the right time to step aside,” he said.

It would not be right for me to pick and choose where, when, and in what format I play for the Proteas. For me, in the green and gold, it must be everything or nothing.”

He further added that he had no plans to play overseas but would continue in league competitions, saying: “It’s not about earning more somewhere else, it’s about running out of gas and feeling that it is the right time to move on.”

So who’s gonna agree with his statement of ‘running out of gas’, I mean come on AB we just saw you striking sixes and fours in the Pakistan Super League 2018, you’re just being humble, we know.

Here’s a look back at how AB raised the bar and left the international cricket:

While people can’t stop crying over AB’s sudden retirement in their sport news articles, I being the appreciating blogger wants to tell you how this man just raised the standard in cricket, which is hard for the newbies to beat.

De Villiers retires with a Test average of 50.66 and as the fourth-highest run-scorer for South Africa with 8,765 runs including 22 centuries.

In ODIs overs, he finished as the number two ranked batsman in the world and as the second-highest run-scorer behind Jacques Kallis with 9,577 runs at an average of 53.50.

Here’s how the cricket world reacted to AB De Villiers retirement news:

Retirement announcements of star crickets have always been tough for the cricket world. But AB’s sudden announcement came as a shock. Not only for his fans but also for other cricketers, ex-cricketers and cricket organizations.

Like I said, as soon as I came online on social media accounts, I knew something was fishy. I could witness cricket lovers in my newsfeed, practically crying over this news.

While it’s impossible ( and somewhat illegal) to show how people on my newsfeed reacted but other big names from the cricket world tweeted to AB developers and we need to see it:

ICC thanked the South African player for his contribution:

Okay, first of all, the most heartfelt and important tweet came from the International Cricket Council (ICC). In which it thanked the star player for giving the sports some great memories to cherish.

This video is not meant for soft hearted AB developers’ fans.

PCB Congratulated The Player On Twitter As Well:

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) congratulated De Villiers for “a truly fantastic international career”.

The Indian Cricket God Tweeted A Sweet Message For AB:

Like your on-field game, may you have 360-degree success off the field as well. You will definitely be missed,” Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar said in his message.

This such a memorable picture!

Here’s What Shahid Afridi Said To AB In His Tweet:

What happens when one-star player messages another star player on his retirement? Love spreads!

Here’s what Lala tweeted:

Some called him ‘genius’, some called him ‘inspiration, some called him ‘one of the best’, all the tweets. Whether they were created by fans, cricket lovers, or cricket players, gave Ab nothing but love and appreciation.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.