8 Ways of Saving Money on Sports Tickets


For sports lovers, there can be nothing more thrilling than watching their favorite team play live before them and cheering for them from the stands. But, buying a sports ticket does not have to mean breaking the bank to enjoy a live game, if you know the tricks to buy one. There are actually many easy ways to save money on buying tickets for sporting events like football and baseball.

The best way to find cheap sporting event tickets is to get valid Live Football Tickets coupons online. This makes it really easy for you to purchase tickets for Premier League matches, English and European Cups. And international soccer games at reasonable prices, given that the prices are quite steep for any kind of sporting event. Studies show that Americans end up spending nearly $56 billion on sports tickets, which is twice the amount spent on memberships at the gym. These are some tricks to find cheap sports tickets:

  1. An easy to find low-priced tickets online is to become a member of the fan club of the team that you support. You can be sure that you will be among the first to know about the ticket offers. While membership may come with a nominal fee, you can be sure this will get redeemed when you attend multiple games during the season.
  2. Another trick to find low-cost tickets is to make use of the presale passwords that sponsors of teams may release before these go on sale. These presale passwords may even contain discounts; the fastest way to get the password is through Google search.
  3. You can target the secondary market since season-ticket holders and agents who are unable to attend a game will try to re-sell their tickets through many websites like eBay or TicketCity.com. These tickets will invariably be for a lower price because the ticket-holders are desperate to give them away. It is, however, better to choose marketplaces that have a money-back guarantee. Just in case these tickets are fake or they fail to arrive at your doorstep before the day of the game.
  4. You can take advantage of what is called a scalp-free zone. Where the price transactions among fans selling and buying tickets are properly regulated. Else, you can get ripped off and end up paying more than what the tickets should actually be worth.
  5. Since the big football games are usually played during the weekend and other sports like baseball or hockey are during the weeknights, it is best to aim for tickets for a weeknight game. This turns out to be a money-saving move as those tickets are less in demand.
  6. Watching sports events is actually like being part of social activity. So, you will not see much demand for single tickets; and this is why these tickets are likely to be a much lower price. When you wish to go with someone, you can look for vacant seats in your section or piggyback seats. So that you can be together while watching the game, even when you have single tickets.
  7. It may be a good idea to wait until the day of the game because. At that time, prices are likely to be much lower than what they were a fortnight back. You may not have much freedom of choosing your preferred seats but you can get low-priced tickets from resellers and it is even possible to get cheap deals when you buy on-the-fly.
  8. The simplest way to save money on sports tickets is to do a group booking. When you can get a large group of colleagues or friends keen to go for a match. You can negotiate better for discounts. Some professional teams even give family night offers from time to time. Where the tickets are likely to be discounted if you purchase more than 4 tickets at a time. Some ticket packages are also accompanied by drinks and food, and giveaways or shows like a fireworks display.

These are some easy tips and tricks to find low-cost sports tickets. Online promotional offers will always give you the best deals and when you sign up with a website like Don’tPayAll. You never have to miss an opportunity to save big bucks!