7 ‘Haunted house’ books for your October chills

Haunted house

So finally we have been blessed with the weather ‘fall’. Do not we all just love it? After living an almost whole year of summers and sweat and warm air and tan and no air, finally a ‘relatively’ cooler weather has made its way towards us. So here we have rounded up the best-haunted house stories

Fall calls for a lot of coffee, and book reading. Books of the horror genre. Of all the horrific situations that can be found in literature, that one scene which makes things ten times more spooky is that which has a ‘haunted house’. What are the other options that we have? Werewolves? They are overrated. Vampires? You can skate them. Demons? No fun, at the end of the story they are exorcized. But when the house itself is the beastly monster, that’s when things get super spooky. The idea of the haunted house is our favorite becomes it turns your happy place, into your worst nightmare. It freaks you out and makes for the best read in October.

‘The Good House’ by Tananarive Due

The story revolves around the life of a girl called Angela Toussaint. In the book, she has returned back to her granny’s house two years after the death of her cousin Corey. She wants to find what happened to her cousin and what caused his death. When she gets back to the house she realizes there is something terribly wrong. Did her grandmother have any kind of special powers? And what is the strange thing that she feels here? Read the book to find it yourself!

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ by Shirley Jackson

This book is the perfect classical piece. Four people get into a notoriously spooky house at nestled at a spooky location. Each one of these four individuals is looking for something different. The people include Dr. Montague who is an occult scholar hoping to find some kind of spectral evidence, then there is Theodora, who is Dr. Montague’s upbeat assistant and then Eleanor, a young woman who knows of poltergeists and the fourth person is Luke, the supposed heir of Hill House. Once you go to the house, traveling out of it, is not your choice. But the spooky house has a story and some plans of its own. In the end, all of them might not come out alive. Read it to know the entire story.

“Stone Animals” by Kelly Link

This is a story of a family. The book begins with the family buying a new house and finally ends with opening a number of knots along the way. This book has all the characteristics to make it weird, creepy, surreal, emotional and funny. To have a spooky chapters marathon in a chilly October night, grab a giant mug of coffee, hop on your favorite sofa and read till you feel your teeth clenching and goosebumps rising on your skin.

‘White is for Witching’ by Helen Oyeyemi

The story revolves around the life of ‘Silver’ family. They are mourning for the loss of Lily who left her grieving husband Luc and cute twins Miranda and Eliot. The family is very grieve stricken and so it the house. The house grumbles and whispers giving the family a hint of its feelings for Lily.

‘The Little Stranger’ by Sarah Waters

Faraday is a doctor who gets called to attend a patient at Hundred hall. On reaching there, he finds out that it is a lonely, freaky and devastated estate. the people who live there include a woman and her two children. On digging deep into the life story of the family, Dr. Faraday finds out that there is more to the story of this house than just dusty carpets and broken windows. The mansion is a haunted house that has a dark past.

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‘The Graveyard Apartment’ by Mariko Koike

This story is about a family that moves to a new home. An idyllic new home which is right next to a silent graveyard. Everything seems to be normal and find, till they find out that there is something in the basement that has been sharing the house with them all this time. With the many chapters of the book, a number of other things unfold. Read the whole book to have a spine-tingling experience.

‘This House is Haunted’ by John Boyne

In this book, the protagonist accepts a position as a governess at a remote English estate. The thing that disturbs her on her arrival to the estate is that when Eliza arrives at Gaudlin Hall she finds her two young charges and no adults at all. Her mysterious employers are nowhere to be seen, though she finds them everywhere. And that’s just the beginning of this freaky take on the haunted Victorian mansion, complete with creepy kids and some truly freaking truths that unfold likewise. This book is written just the best way.

By Faiza Ahsan

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