7 Accessories Men can wear while travelling

Accessories Men

Do you know what the most crucial thing that appeals to women across the world is? A well-dressed man that radiates charm and confidence!! There was a time when fashion and style did not seem to be of any significance to the men. They couldn’t bother themselves with these kinds of things.

However, times are changing. Men are rapidly evolving their style games and giving importance to their looks. A well-dressed man is undoubtedly a pleasure to look at. These men also fare rather well in life. There are lots of studies that suggest that a well-dressed man will come across success more efficiently, be it in personal life or professionally. It is because people associate a well-dressed man with being committed and hard working.

The metrosexual man of today knows the significance of being well dressed and presentable at all times. It is the reason why the male fashion industry is noticing a boom of late.

Accessories Men

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If you thought that only women were conscious about their style game while traveling, we would have you know that men too are not far behind when it comes to airport looks. Men also aim to look stylish and elegant when they are flying. It is comparatively more accessible for men to dress for the airport rather than women due to the limited choices they have.

While women toggle between a dress or a pair of pants, men can always opt for a pair of chinos or jeans for a relaxed vibe. However, most of the men do not know the art of accessorizing right.

When it comes to accessories, you need to make subtle choices. Wearing too many pieces will destroy your overall look. You need to select the right accessories that will help bring your entire outfit together.

Want some cues on what accessories to wear while traveling? We will certainly help you out.

Here are 7 accessories that men can wear while traveling-

1)  A watch is a must-

Every male wardrobe should begin with a good quality watch. While traveling, a casual watch with leather straps and a funky dial will look great. Watches are essential to a man’s wardrobe, more so while traveling. However, most men tend to go overboard with it. A watch should be a simple one but classy. Large chunky watches with a huge dial does not look classy. It may even give out a wrong message to the opposite sex. Do remember that a watch can sometimes become a conversation starter. So, if you are planning to do away with watches while traveling, think again buddy!!

2)  Bracelets are cool-

Men’s bracelets are seeing a surprising surge of demand lately. Gone are the days when this accessory was only restricted to women. Men are showing off their bracelets and how! The market has a variety of bracelets that men can wear. Right from leather straps to bead bracelets, they certainly look chic. The latest trend of pairing them with your watch also looks very impressive. But if you want to follow this trend, remember to keep the focus on either. Pair a simple watch with a bigger bracelet or a chunky watch with a simple bracelet. You can add bracelets to your travel wardrobe to look effortlessly stylish.

3)  Add a vest to your travel wardrobe-

Accessories Men

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A vest is something that is not a part of most men’s wardrobes. But do you know that a simple vest can elevate your look to a whole new level? That’s right. You can wear a vest with simple jeans and a t-shirt to look like you have put a lot of thought into your outfit. You can pair it with anything right from chinos to jeans or a shirt to a t-shirt. You can also use a vest to turn a pair of trousers and a button-down shirt into something a little more formal. This tip can be quite handy if you ever come across any work stuff while traveling.4)  A quality travel backpack will prove to be quite functional-

A backpack is a male equivalent of a woman’s handbag. Also, it is quite roomy in comparison. You can easily store all your electronics and related accessories like a charger or headphones, etc. There will be a dedicated space inside for all the essential documents that you need to carry while traveling. You can even store a change of clothes in a backpack if required. Just remember to select a good quality backpack in neutral colors and sturdy straps that won’t give up on the way.

5)  A cool pair of Sunglasses is essential-

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory while traveling. They not only protect your eyes from glare but also help you look stylish. The hottest trend in sunglasses right now are aviators. They look chic and stylish on most outfits, even formal wear. Make sure to go for a good branded pair that are safe on the eyes and give you complete protection.

6)  The satchel/ Man purse-

The satchel goes by many names. However, its utility remains the same. If you think handbags or purses are just for the ladies, you are wrong. You can easily carry off a sling bag with elan. Moreover, wouldn’t you like to have all of your essentials like essential documents and other personal items more accessible to you? Carrying a handbag will help keep all these things handy when needed. You will also end up looking uber cool with a cute slight bag across those manly shoulders!! A definite win-win, do make a point of carrying a satchel in a neutral color on your next airport outing.

7)  A hat will add to your charm-

Hats are a fun way to lift your airport look. For the more adventurous kind, hats are a perfect accessory to get some attention your way. If you have never tried wearing a hat, you should invest in one right now. A lot of male celebrities swear by this accessory to look charming. Hats will instantly elevate any look. While there are a lot of styles available in the market, be sure to choose one that you are comfortable wearing,


Men usually do not give importance to accessories when they are dressing up. But, a few statement pieces will help compliment any outfit. Just remember that accessories should not take away the attention from your outfit in any way. It is always advisable to avoid anything flashy or too bright. Try to put yourself in something in which you are comfortable even if it can be your gym apparel. So, follow these tips to travel in your most stylish avatar and get some attention from the ladies!!!