6 makeup items girls should have in their bags all the time!


Regardless of how you spend your days, there are certain products every woman needs in her bag. They just save you from the nightmares of looking unpresentable in public, great for the skincare and touch-ups. Everyone wants to look good 24/7, wherever they are. Sometimes when you do apply the necessary makeup on, once you are outdoor, the makeup melts down and does not look that much appealing and this is when you need a touchup of the makeup to make it look fresh and striking.

But the problem is, you cannot take your makeup bag everywhere along with you. So to make things handy and helpful, some girls usually put the most important makeup items in their bags all the time to save themselves from looking messed up in public. In this article, we have rounded up some of the most basic makeup items that every girl should have in their bag all the time.

Have a look at the list below and count these items as a hack saving you from the embarrassment of looking unpresentable. Make sure you all are fully prepared, so whatever comes in you are ready to combat it by having these six beauty products in your purse all the time.

1. A Lip Balm


First things first, everyone needs a little moisture and a slight tint of the lips to look fresh. It is one of the most ‘go to’ products girls cannot be without. A lip balm is that one constant beauty product for a woman that she would require throughout her life. You might have also carried it in your first purse when you were a nursery or a school going kid. Lips are sensitive areas prone to dryness, cracking, and peeling and so it is important to have your handy balm in your purse to save you from dryness. Also, it is very important to use it in winters every now and then. Now that winters are just 2 months ahead, do your lip balm shopping now!

2. A Hand Lotion


The look of your hands is the fastest way to analyze your age. To prevent this area from getting a look of old hands it is essential that you make a habit of applying hand lotion. It is good when you have a habit of taking a pea-size drop of lotion on your hand and then rub it around the skin to make them look fresh and feel soft. Like when you are just out of the shower or checking some cool video on Facebook, before sleeping and all the time! Literally.  The great thing about lotion is that it smells great double as a perfume, so apply it all the way up to your wrist. Hand lotions make your hands look fresh and young and also give your skin the moisture it requires.

3. A Concealer


It would not be wrong if you call a concealer your real-life snap chat filter, because that is exactly what it does. Conceal all the spots on your face behind its layer and makes you look pretty which you naturally are. Just by applying it on the pop-up pimples, under-eye dark circles, spots, redness, and discoloration you will instantly turn beautiful and flawless. Concealer gives you a look of the fresh face and an over the top clear skin. Also, it never takes much space in your bag because it is really small like lipstick.

4. Red Lipstick


Next up is a lipstick. That too a red one. Red lipstick is every girl’s best friend. Every girl in the world no matter what her skin color is should own a red lipstick. The color has such magic in it that it can suit and does suit every girl. Go where you want to from where ever you are! You never know when you will have to spruce up your look. Suddenly you will have to attend a party directly from the college or work, this red lipstick is a savage in such situations. It has some transformative abilities, it just changes you into some modest. Call it a secret weapon to make you look perfect, never take space in your bag and is also very handy

5. Mascara


Mascara too marks for the most essential makeup products that MUST be carried by all the girls in their bags all the time. It is that one product that product persistently likes to fade, smudge or merge over the course of a day, (at least from my experience I can testify it) The problem is that you might rub your eyes unintentionally and never realize that you have smudged your mascara all around the scoop of your eye area until someone mentions it to you. And then you need to reapply it at some point because you can never move on with those dark smudgy eyes. Always have a tube of mascara so you can just brighten up your eyes to make them look big and flashy. Mascara makes you look attractive because it adds up tons of beauty to your eyes.

6. Pocket Perfume


Pocket perfume adds up as the cherry on top of the attire and the makeup that you have put on. Because honestly, we all want to smell good all the time. This is no latest news. The smell of perfume that you apply before leaving your home has a very minimum strength and the smell fades over time. So to keep yourself smelling like an angel all day long, you need to sprinkle sweet-smelling perfume on you every now and then to smell fresh and pleasant.

So this was the list of the things that we believe every girl should have in their bags all the time to save themselves from the nightmares of looking unpresentable in public.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.