5 ways to keep your baby protected from Cold


Children become especially vulnerable to winters. They are more likely to catch a disease particularly if they have routine contact with other kids. The immune system of children is weaker than adults and their defensive capacity becomes weak in winter and rainy season. It is important to treat the typical predict diseases correctly before they become a chronic disease and seriously affect the health of the children.

The most common diseases

Children usually face these three common diseases in winter: bronchiolitis, bronchitis, and bronchial asthma. The symptoms of all these three diseases are almost similar and confusing such as whistling or grunting in the chest, difficulty breathing and increased respiratory rate.

Although it is almost inevitable to keep your kid completely protected from catching a cold in winter, despite that we recommend some strategies against cold and germs.

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  1. Wash your hands and toys

It is important that you wash your hand in order to keep your kid protected from germs. It is one of the effective rules to get rid of cold and flu germs. Always wash your hand after changing your kid’s diaper, preparing his food, and while blowing his nose.

Make sure all the people in his surroundings wash their hands before touching him. Always wash his toys or sterilize them if possible because newborns usually takes everything in their mouth so it is important to keep their toys clean every time they play with them. Mothercare Pakistan offers online toys for kids which can easily be sterilized and keep your kids healthy and safe.

  1. Vaccinate your baby

Keep your child protected by making sure that he gets his vaccination done and gets the flu vaccine as well. Proper vaccination keeps your child protected from viruses and bacteria that cause infections and seasonal diseases.

  1. Keep your baby in warm clothes

The most indicated garments during the cold months are those that allow the skin to breathe, such as cotton or wool. And do not forget to cover them with thick socks or hat, but do not over pack them because babies lose a lot of heat on the head and we must also have that they do not have much hair. You can buy the latest winter collection from Mothercare Pakistan to give your kid a warm and cozy winter.

  1. Maintain the baby’s hygiene

During the colder seasons, the appearance of more abundant mucus is common, so it is necessary to maintain the hygiene of the baby’s mucous membranes through the continued use of the physiological serum and the nasal aspirator.

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  1. Take your baby on a walk

It is important to take your kid on the walk during the daytime and expose them to the sunlight. Keep them in the stroller and protected well with breathable clothes so that when he goes out he absorbed the heat without catching a cold. In order to make sure the comfortability and convenience of your kid you can buy baby strollers online only from Mothercare.

These are a few tips and tricks to keep your baby safe this winter. Let us know what else you do to make sure your baby’s protection in changing seasons.