5 Underrated Tech Gadgets Of Recent Time


Technology comes with modifications for people to use and get benefits from. People have been using this technology for past ages and will keep using them if it comes to give them future benefits or relaxation. Machines and new technologies have made people work less and so according to that they can give their time to priorities. Family, friends, and surroundings can spend time together, these tech gadgets are invented to make people get an easy life.


This tech gadget is a must-have for kids or teenagers, or if you’re an adult and you’re studying or you are summing up your office work late night so you must keep this ‘portable LED table lamp’ in your room. As technology is beneficially increasing we must think about having this. Kids can study easily using this. Now people will raise this question that why this lamp? How it is different from other table lamps? Well, the answer to this is pretty impressive. This is a portable table lamp that has no wire attached to it so you can move it to any place of your house or to any corner. You don’t have to carry tangled wires all along with this, and that’s not it, it’s very light in weight so you don’t need to have strong muscles to lift this up.

The special feature is the LED lights it has. The LED lights will cost you a low electric charge, as these lights are pretty modified so they won’t even harm your eyesight. You just have to keep this on your desk or take it to your bed if studying or working. It is comfortable for young college teens to keep it in their dorm room where it’ll be low of cost on electricity and portable so they don’t have to carry a bundle of wires along with it.


Everyone loves popcorn, who doesn’t actually well that’s worth things. Technology, as I was mentioning that gives benefit and fun too is the best-fit example for these tech gadgets. People love eating popcorn with butter but to make them sound pretty tiring and ready-made popcorn costs a little high on your budget, so all you have to do is to buy this ‘Popcorn microwave popper with butter melter’.

Now you can have your friends and family over and call it a movie night or snack time. You can munch it all by just a small process. You just have to pour corns into the microwave pot and within few minutes you will have your yummy popping popcorn’s out of the pot. If you wanted to add butter to it so place the butter on top of the lid and it will melt easily and you can mix it with your popcorn. What a yummy snack to munch on.


This cool ‘HP Sprocket photo printer’ is very portable and useful. If you’re out on tour you can completely carry it with yourself, you just have to attach it to your phone and print out the photos you want. You can hang them on your walls, to the refrigerator, or can frame it and send it to your loved ones.
This is also very portable and wireless so you have to carry a bundle of tangled wires with you. You can print out your kids’ homework or assignments. This printer is very easy to carry. Just keep it in your suitcase and travel along, it won’t cost you much or won’t bother your electricity bill. It is pretty economical and firm.


This ‘IRobot Roomba’ sounds pretty odd but trust me it has the best technology. So what basically is this thing, this iRobot room is a vacuum cleaner. It’s works automatically, a lot of the moms at the house love to see their house clean but vacuuming is so stressful and tiring. So here you go with some extra advanced technology that not only reduces your time but also is low cost on your budget. All you have to do is to set it on your floor and press the button or you can connect it with your phone too. Just start it up and it’ll go everywhere on the floor, it has those micro-cleansing booster bristles that will keep your floor clean and shiny.

Now you don’t have to listen to that old vacuuming noise everywhere, you just simply can start using it. It is smart machinery to save your time and you can spend time with your family more or relax.


This ‘Refrigerator sliding drawer’ is a very essential technology for people who love to keep their refrigerator clean and I think everybody loves to keep their refrigerator clean but the reason why this cleaning didn’t stay for long and our fridge turns messy because we are too lazy to do the cleaning every day. So here’s the solution, you can divide your refrigerator into compartments by using these sliding doors and can add as much stuff they can hold. Now your refrigerator won’t look messy anymore. You have to clip these drawers on the rod of the refrigerator and you can start storing your stuff in it.

These tech gadgets might not have made it to the top news and have been deemed underrated but there if you are very much into luxury then these tech gadgets should be on your list.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.