5 types of Awaam you will see during Pakistan vs India Asia Cup Match


So Asia Cup 2018, is just around the corner and all of us are totally geared up to succumb to the breeze of our favorite sports event of the year. Cricket is our favorite sport and each time a cricket event pops up we cannot wait but yell our lungs out to support our national green team to claim the cup.

Cricket is that one sport that everyone religiously follows and marks as their favorite here in Pakistan, everyone. Literally EVERYONE!

This sport is literally everyone’s favorite and people practically wait all year for a cricket event to happen. When a mega cricket event comes, people don on their happy greens and support their team. And if there is a Pakistan vs India match then things will be 1o times more patriotic. An India Pakistan match is worth all the time for the people living in both the countries and people get legit crazy during the match.

This is the time when we see various characteristics come out in people that differentiate us as crazy cricket maniacs. Everyone around us becomes a different character and belongs to one or two of these categories. Read along and find out which category you fall into.

The seasonal hub ul watans

These people are barsaati. They are only seen watching cricket when a tournament of this nature shows up. They wear their happy tugs, hold up the flag to take on the world. They are so extreme in their patriotism that they practically lay their prayer mats and pray their hearts out. BUT ONLY DURING THE MATCH.

They literally make solid prayers and wish over their eyelashes and shooting stars to see Pakistan winning the match but this high stake patriotism is only shown until the match happens.

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The lost yet over enthusiastic batch

These people just go with the flow and they actually do not have any knowledge about the sport. But since there is high stake enthusiasm prevailing in the air, they wish not to be left behind. Their enthusiasm is at peak irrespective of their minimal knowledge and as soon as the dates of the matches are announced, they start saving up for their Pakistan green tee.
The worst thing about them is that they get extremely annoying during the game. Their questions do not stop. They kill the total feel by constantly asking you questions related to the most obvious moves and create a great deal of disturbance.
The unwanted know-it-alls


These people live in an imaginary world where their knowledge about cricket is the greatest of all and no one, not even the professionals, knows more about the moves and rules than these individuals.

You will always find them questioning the moves of the players, the strategies of the captain and the decisions taken by the umpire. Sometimes they may even be right, but the way how they shoot down the excited mood of others is irritating.

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The Facebook Rameez Rajas!

We do realize how exciting it gets to be the one who is always breaking the news to everyone  but these Facebook enthusiasts are next level.

It seems like they have taken the responsibility of informing the world about every chakka, choka, and all the moves. Not only that, but they like telling their predictions too. After every 10 mins, you will see a status telling you the scores and their predictions.

The Mauka Parasts

These people are the money makers, they make the most of the cricket season and do not miss the chance of making some bills. They bet their money on every move by the players and are often find praying during most of the match.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.