5 Movies that critics hated but we totally loved


Movie enthusiasts have now come to this conclusion that the suppositions of the film critics AKA the critics don’t really mirror their opinion about a specific movie. Numerous movies that expert critics have positioned underneath normal are adored head over heels by fans and this has been observed a significant number of times. There is no arithmetic for taste. The critics might dislike the following Marvel movies to come but you might totally discover it engaging and engaging. It is not important that what you like will be given 5 stars by critics as well.

Here are the 5 instances when the taste of professional movie critics and audiences didn’t go unite on the same node.

The Final Destination Series


We’ll begin with our top choice. This movie had all the spices a movie needs to make it a hit, hence the critics concluded otherwise. The critics said that this movie was nothing but a ‘cringe fest’ Be that as it may, the audience distinguished the splendor behind the movie and some of the scenes that had the ability to influence you to go to the edge of your seats.



The superstars of Hollywood Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s casting in the movie is a reason sufficiently significant to make it fruitful among the gatherings of people. Since both are stunningly astounding! The film went well in the first place with the completion fouling up a bit. The end, be that as it may, did no mischief to the response the movie got from the audience.

Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the black pearl


The critics regarded this movie by the Pirates of the Carribean franchise as a ‘film not worth the publicity’. In any case, the thing is that the audience thought the inverse and gave this ‘Johnny Depp’ starrer a strong rating and voted their feet to the tune of this blockbuster record.

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Raise your voice


This movie comes in the rundown of ‘the most detested films by the critics’ hands down. The general population associated with judging these movies were very basic to the film and demonstrated no mercy at all. An expert critic by the name of Mike Clarke panned this ‘Hillary Duff’ starrer with comments like ‘even the kindest response to Raise Your Voice is probably going to be ‘shut your face’
Like alright, Mr Clarke quiet your steeds. Independent of your sentiment, the movie completed an incredible business as it was liked by the audience (which apparently incorporate young ladies and Hillary fans)

Collateral Beauty


This mega starrer movie with hugely celebrated and adored big names in the film industry was very little valued by the critics. We too genuinely don’t consider this film an all-excitement piece. But a noteworthy circle of the audience totally cherished it. Most likely due to Will Smith? Can’t tell.

So this was the list we loved but the critics didn’t. What are those good movies that you loved but were given a thumbs down by the critics?! Comment below and let us know!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.