5 Kdramas you must watch this fall!


Korean dramas are getting popular day by day. People can’t deny watching them as our generation is so into the characters and their chemistry. Kdrama heartthrobs are sparkling into the teen’s minds. People are enjoying their content and their way of presenting it to a new level. They make people get totally into their content.

There was a time when people did not even like to consider Korean dramas or movies but from 2009 I assume, their view has changed completely. Not only people’s mind but their likes too have voted a big YES to Kdramas. These dramas are getting an immensely amazing response from all across the world and they are doing a super good job in terms of doing business. I would now share 5 Korean dramas you must watch or if you’re a fan so would have definitely watched it by now. Thanks to the advancement in technology, now you can watch all these kdramas on YouTube or through the easily accessible websites on the internet.

The Korean drama Boys over a flower was a big turning point to a Korean media industry, they believe this was the reason they set a mark on the media. They made over a million followers on this series. They created this by having a vision of what people can really enjoy.


So this drama was about a girl (Jandi) who works for everything she wants and she couldn’t afford a high-class education for herself but suddenly things change a little bit and she got cleared for a high-class school in Seoul. She tries to interact with people but all she found was the absurd behavior people had for each other. She can swim well so all she was taking advantage of, was the big pool area where she can practice for her swimming.

After a day or two she met a group of boys called F4, they seem to be the heartthrob of the school but Jandi had no interest in talking to them or becoming friends with them. The group leader of F4 got too interested in Jandi’s silly nature and fall for her, though Jandi was falling for the other guy in F4 who was a kind one. They all coil up in a bond where they spend time together, have fun, got into emotional phases but they manage to make their way out. They find their mate and fight obstacles in the way.


“W two worlds” is one the most attractive drama in Korean media. It is has a different and new storyline. A girl (ohh Yeon-Joo) one day found herself in a comic book (webtoon) she lives life as a character and falls for the lead character (Kang Chul) who’s attractive and positive nature make her fall for him. The girl had to live both lives in the comic and outside of it too. She is a doctor in real life and in comic she is an additional character. Marrying the comic character after some days she found herself fading and completely turning into a comic character, they both struggles for life and family, for their honor.


A girl (Cha Eun Sang) helps his mother while her mother works in other people’s houses for earning. The girl seems to be intelligent. She then went to America to meet her sister who was in deeply drowned in debts so she makes her way out from there but a guy found her very intimidating. (Kim Tan) the guy then visits Seoul to meet his family where Cha Eun Sang actually works with her mother. Tim Tan was an illegitimate son so her mother was not shown to the world, he had some complicated relations with his family. Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan try to make their relationship better and fall for each other.


This is a love story between a caption Yoo Shi-Jin and a doctor Kang Mo-Yeon who fall in love with each other but their profession won’t allow them to stay together, one saves people and one takes other people’s life. Both parted their ways thinking they’ll never meet but destiny has something very surprising for them. They both meet in a warm place where working together builds strong connections and the risk of losing each other makes them get along.


Legend of the blue sea shares a secret of the sea where mermaids do exist and had a connection with past years. An old ancient cop falls for a mermaid and somehow tragically the cop dies and years later he is born as a well-off guy who turns his way out and becomes a thief who then met a mermaid and falls for her. He struggles to learn the old legend of the blue sea and what happened in the past.

When winter arrives, it calls for a late-night movie or tv series marathon. Because nothing is more amazing and exciting than watching a movie or a series on a chilly winter night sipping on your coffee wrapped up in a blanket on the confines of your bed. This winter, keep your phone aside and give Facebook scrolling a break. Check out all these kdramas and have an amazing winter you all.

Let us know in the comment section what do you think about this list. And if there is a super cool kdrama which our list is missing, let us know!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.