5 Disney shows that Millennial miss the most!


Disney channel’s cartoons or shows are a kid’s necessity, more like they’re watching their dream thing. The Disney production team has never failed any of their viewer up till now. There were shows that become very popular among the people, not only the fame but the actors of the shows turned into huge stars and still are till now.

We would like to disclose you the 5 top Disney shows you have definitely watched as a kid or a teenager:


This show was very popular among teenagers as this was about a teenage girl Miley Cyrus, who is just a simple high school girl but then she found out her singing skills and on her level of artistry she turns out to be a former singer HANNAH MONTANA. According to the top news going around the show is who is Hannah Montana, where she comes from and where she goes. The show is full of entertainment and funny punches as you’ll see it.

Miley lives with his dad and brother who are very supportive. She also has a friend in this sitcom kind of a drama who’s very nice and genuine to her. They face troubles and share happiness together. Miley turns into Hannah Montana to make people happy.

She is still a singer. Miley Cyrus won an award on her last album. She is engaged in a film star Liam Hemsworth.


The lead actress Selena Gomez is a very popular singer and actress who showed her skills in both fields excellently. She had an album that was a major hit this year.
The show starts with a family who owns a restaurant and has 3 kids of the family who already are wizards. They live undauntedly among people in their surroundings. Their daughter was a very powerful wizard with beauty and brain at the same time. The girl got into trouble every time and his brothers and family come to rescue her or if her family is in trouble so then she has to rescue them. This how it goes. She has a best friend called Abby who sticks around her always.


Zac and Cody enjoy a lot while making people smile on the cruise. They became the star kids on the ship.
The latest news says that the makers are still planning to remake this show. The show was really a hit as it shares a story of a mother who took care of her twin’s son who is such moody brats. Their mother works on a cruise so they get a chance of living there with her as the cruise travels. Zac and Cody are the names of the twins, they make friends there and have fun with the crew members, the waiters, captain, and cleaners, etc.

The twin brothers continued their acting skills as they grew up. They both are still acting in a series.


Jonas brothers was a very popular show among teens. The three ‘star brothers’ start a boy band where they sing and do the instruments on their own. The bothers were Joe, Nick, and Keven and they named their band after their surname as Jonas. They got famous among teenagers, their high school mates try to get close to them. JONAS BROTHERS make friends and had a fun time with them. They mostly got caught by paparazzi that truly makes there life miserable.

Jonas Brothers were the band they used to call themselves, the three brothers did movies together as camp rock1 and 2. They stopped singing as a band after the show ended. They haven’t parted ways it’s just they are not singing together.


A girl named Sonny moves to Las Angles with her mothers where she founds her dream opportunity to work in a reality tv show. She met her co-stars who turned into her best of friends. She met the heartthrob star Chad Daniel Cooper (Sterling Knight) who fall for Sonny but she had no interest in being with him. This sitcom has funny aspects where Sonny and her friends found themselves in odd situations and manage to come out of that. Sonny’s show turns to be the number one of them all and she continues following her passion for acting.

The lead actress Demi Lovato (Sonny) is a famous singer who received an academic award for her very famous track LET IT GO. She also is famous fur judging the show THE VOICE.

These sitcoms are worth watching, only people who used to watch these shows those days know the actual worth of them. Waking up late to watch them on repeat, to be a fan of these stars. These sitcoms were funny and you can watch these with your family. These were the Disney shows people used to watch on Disney channel after coming from school or in the evening also. However, now we have Netflix that too is doing an amazing job!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.