5 Disciplines Inspired by Combat Sports That Get You in Shape

Combat Sports

Meditation classes are not your thing, you need to get rid of adrenaline and something tells you inside that a punch or kick might be the solution. But, of course, you have a lot of appreciation for your beautiful nose. And the idea of getting into a contact sport at this point is not what you had in mind. Don’t worry, we understand the dilemma and we want to help you.

Some fitness disciplines are based on combat sports and martial arts but without physical contact. The idea is based on copying these movements with the intention of generating a new discipline. Adapted to the needs of those people who only want to benefit from the sport without reaching their hands.

The rise of female boxing as a method for this in form – thanks to models like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and other Victoria’s Secret angels – is largely to blame for this trend. We’ve compiled five of these disciplines for you. Because girls are warriors but they don’t have to get hurt while they get into shape.

Body Combat

It is probably the best-known discipline of all and one of the most successful group classes in our country. According to the website of LesMills – the famous New Zealand company that provides choreographed exercises for group classes in gyms around the world. It is “a cardiovascular training program inspired by martial arts.

Its movements derive from a variety of disciplines such as karate, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and Muay Thai. The best thing about Body Combat classes is that they are choreographed with modern, energetic music that you’ll punch, hit, kick and kata. A sequence of established movements that can be practiced alone but not in pairs. With which you’ll burn lots of calories, up to 737 in 55 minutes, and get better cardiovascular endurance.

More benefits? Tone and shape your body, increase strength and boost self-confidence.

B3B Method

In B3B Woman Studio you can find this modality that mixes boxing with sack without contact with the bike and ballet in classes of only 45 minutes.

A revolutionary fitness method thought and designed by and for women that combine the three disciplines -BikeBoxBallet- and that, as they point out from this gym, is unique in the world. “The B3B Woman® method has been developed from the HIIT methodology (high intensity) and has been sequenced based on the practice of three different disciplines (BIKE/BOX/BALLET) in a format of 15′ duration for each of them.

The sum of the three activities is intended to work on a broad spectrum of muscle groups, motor skills, bio-energetic systems, and physical qualities.

The ultimate goal of the method is to burn, harden and stylize, that is, generate a high caloric consumption during and after its practice as well as an improvement in aesthetics and muscle tone and strength-resistance for the muscle groups involved,” explain from B3B.


The practice of contactless boxing responds to a need: not everyone wants to fight to get in shape by practicing one of the most fashionable sports today. This new discipline that more and more gyms offer in our country, combines boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts with functional training.

You can hit the bag to the rhythm of the music with a trainer who will direct your movements and adapt it to your needs. The objective? Burn calories left and right. But you don’t have to fear for your physical integrity.

Cardio Box

This intense cardio work, which is done in groups and to the sound of music, is developed from different techniques from boxing and, in some cases, also martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai or Capoeira, to name a few.

As Fit Point explains, “the importance of the activity does not lie in the perfect execution of the hitting techniques, but in keeping moving”. As we learn these techniques, this will cause greater effort and concentration. Leading to a better adaptation to cardiovascular work, coordination, balance and muscular endurance, especially of the lower body. This Mallorcan training center ensures that up to 600-800 calories can be spent in a 40-50 minute session. Can we try it?


If you want to burn fat while sculpting your body, you have to try this discipline that combines boxing and pilates. It’s “an interval workout that combines boxing, pilates and even a little dancing, all at 145 beats per minute, which is exhausting but generates endorphins.

I’m hooked and now it’s a fundamental part of my exercise routine,” says an interviewee in the Dailymail about this discipline. That celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Kirsten Dunst or Hilary Duff have practiced.

As Inquirer.net explains, “it is designed to address common problems that women have such as flaccidity in arms and triceps, fat in the abdomen, excessive width of hips or thickness of thighs.

The original idea is from Swedish celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen and the training aims to empower women both physically and mentally through fitness.