3 Fancy Movie restaurants for all the fans out there!


Sometimes when we watch a movie in a nice setting, we can’t help but wonder if we can be there? in that place? enjoying and making the most of the exact location. Some places or settings in a movie are extremely dreamy, you instantly wich to live the moment with your circle of friends and family over there in the exact spot. We have all been there, dreaming and praying to visit a place from our good movies. Like the rabbit hole from Alice in the wonderland, the cafe from Friends, the hotel from the Harry Potter series and many more. thanks to some venturesome business people who could not miss the chance to make a business out of our dreams, we can now actually get to some of these places and experience the same feelings our favorite celebrities had while shooting for the movie. There are a lot of restaurants themed on some iconic movie around different parts of the globe to let us fulfill our wish of dining among the scenery we have only seen in the movies.

Here is the rundown on four of our favorite movie-themed best restaurants!

1. Central Perk | Friends


Central Perk is one of those hangout places which not only the Friends fans want to hang out with their friends but others as well. From 80’s kids to all the millennial and of course the newest generation of youngsters as well, everyone who has watched Friends (and that’s practically about 95% of the constituents of planet earth) wishes to sip on a giant mug of coffee on that giant orange couch with their dearest friends. And this dream is now very much achievable in a lot of corners in the world as there is not only one but several ‘Central Perk’ themed restaurants in many countries.

Pakistan has its own Central Perk restaurant in Lahore!

Bistrot Chez Remy | Ratatouille


Are you also a huge fan of the little Chef Remy the little mouse? This restaurant is totally for you in this case! Bistrot Chez Remy based on the movie is located in Paris and has the yummiest high profile fine French cuisine on its menu along with the famous super yummy ‘Ratatouille’. In case if you are thinking whether you will meet chef rat as well, then NO. You won’t sadly find Remy in the kitchen.

Jack Café | Titanic


It is definitely a hard sell to convince people to dine in your restaurant that is themed on a set with a misfortunate event. However, this Titanic-themed restaurant somehow managed to get the attention and the response it was longing for. Themed over the iconic sinking ship ‘Titanic’ it is actually a large boat built pretty decently into a restaurant. It serves Asian-Fusion cuisine to a large number of diners that gather in.

So now that you have the list and you know where you can live your dream, why not plan an excursion and take a chance down the rabbit hole! If not the other places, then at least try out the Friends cafe in Lahore on your next Pakistan tour!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.