20 Most Beautiful Destinations For Christmas Celebrations All Over The World

Chistmas Celebrations

Eager to know about the places where to celebrate the coming Christmas? Let’s get into this:

Every year, on 25th December, Christmas is celebrated across the globe by millions of people belonging to the Christian Religion, as a most sacred religious event.

Christians believe that it is the day when Jesus Christ was born, who came to save people from the evils and show them the right path that could lead them to heaven eternally. On that account, this day is observed as Jesus Christ Birthday with excitement and with great zeal and enthusiasm. People celebrate by exchanging gifts, eating dessert and visiting different places to add more recreation and flavour to it. It is quite true that a lovely sight on the Christmas event adds to your festivity. Indeed, a beautiful destination puts the cherry on the top for the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas is nearly on us. We have singled out some most-suggested Christmas destinations for you which are the most beautiful. Give this list a once over with a fine-tooth comb and rejoice the Christmas in a way you never did.

1       New York City, USA

Chistmas Celebrations

Talking about the Christmas in New York, an enchanted time when the best New York magnetism convert into the most cheerful winter wonderlands. During the holiday season in New York, you’ll spot Christmas lights and trees everywhere. One can witness spring-operated holiday markets outside of subway stations which provide excellent gift ideas for your friends and family. Aside from the decor, make sure to lend your eyes to Christmas movie screenings and concerts in NYC, including other popular shows such as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. With that, tourists enjoy some of the most popular activities like ice skating and horse-drawn ride. Each Christmas, this magnificent city becomes the host of a whopping great number of travellers from across the world.

You can find people celebrating the Holiday Season with family and friends or travelling solo. That said, New York City can easily fit in with any kind of traveller. Delightful and exotic, the city is also famous for the world’s tallest Christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Centre. This legacy is quite old since 1931.

NYC must be on your bucket list if you are planning to celebrate Christmas outside your home. No ifs, and, or buts about that.

2       Manali, India

Chistmas Celebrations

Manali is one of the sensational places to hang your hat in and that’s exactly the reason this city has been in limelight for from the centuries. It is an ideal place for the backpackers fixing their gaze on the white Christmas. Manali is a hill station with picturesque sceneries and snow enfolds the high mountains in the winters. On that account, you can expect white Christmas every year in Manali. Not only for Christmas celebration, but tourists from around the globe pay a call to this beautiful hill station to enjoy snow skiing and chilling around in the snow during the holiday season.

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The white snow surrounding log huts during the Christmas is just icing on the cake. And is there any need to talk about the Indian Cuisines? There are no two ways about the fact that the food in Manali is delicious. Unequivocally, Manali is the dream place for the celebration of Christmas. However, it would be multum in parvo to arrange for the accommodation before heading to Manali if you are on a budget because loads of tourists visit this hill station during Christmas.

3       Tallinn, Estonia

Chistmas Celebrations

Christmas is celebrated with full zeal and zest in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. A large number of people pop in here to celebrate the holiday season of the year. Tallinn has been announced as a UNESCO world heritage site back in 1997 due to the reason that this place is full of medieval structures and the administration of the city has kept it up beautifully. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the hottest destinations in the world to celebrate Christmas. People check out the new-fangled cafés and restaurants down the city and pay a visit to the most famous Tallinn Christmas Market to see the colourful and tall Christmas trees. You are about to see snowflakes fall, dusting rooftops and cobblestone streets in Tallinn during Christmas. Tallinn is often termed as “The Medieval Pearl of Europe”.

To cut short, Tallinn must be on your bucket list if you are a foodie and a metrosexual looking out for Christmas celebration destination this year.

4       Barcelona, Spain

Chistmas Celebrations

Barcelona is another easy on the eye place for Christmas celebration. During the holiday season, the city presents itself lit up with glowing lights. You won’t be able to take your eyes off this terrific lightning down the streets. Drop-dead gorgeous sculptures showing off the Catalan culture and some slightly off the beaten track bars of the city put the cherry on the top.

Each Christmas, you can visit Christmas fairs, concerts, Christmas markets and alluring nativity scenes in Barcelona. Fira de Santa is the oldest and largest Christmas market in Barcelona. The entire city is beautifully lighted at the eve of Christmas and the lighting can blow your mind easily.

Loads of classical, gospel and ballet Christmas concerts are conducted in December in the city. The top of the line is the hypnotizing performances of Handel’s Messiah at the Basílica de Santa María Del Mar church. You can spot mind-boggling lightings down the streets spreading almost 100km of distance.

5       Bath, England

Chistmas Celebrations

Being the only and only city of the United Kingdom that is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath receives a widespread reputation due to the imposing beauty it holds in the air. No place is better than Bath when it comes to shopping around. There are a bunch of places to cater to the needs of metrosexuals and South Gate Bath is one of them to have a terrific late-night shopping experience. One can also spend a few bucks on handmade English crafts from the Christmas market. Truly amazing, isn’t it?

The entire city covers itself up in white snow during the month of December so you can expect white Christmas down there. Visitors can make use of their ice skating skills during the holiday season out there. For the whole Christmas season, there are a lot of Holiday programs such as operas, musicals, concerts and plays performed at Bath’s Theatre Royal. That’s cool, isn’t it?

6          Bondi Beach, Australia

Chistmas Celebrations

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, when you talk about the busiest beaches in the world, you can’t exclude Bondi Beach of Australia. In particular, if it’s Christmas, then Bondi Beach is jam-packed. Celebrating Christmas on a beach? Yes, you heard it right. Bondi Beach, Australia is another very famous destination for Christmas celebration. If you have a longing to spend Christmas under the searing sun, then the dream destination for you to fulfil your wish is Bondi Beach.

Nearly four thousand tourists pay a call to this beach every Christmas. Bondi Beach is an ideal spot for party and dance and music lovers. Attend parties with DJs, bars, dance, music, food and much more. People wearing Santa hats beach towels and thongs can be spotted everywhere. Happy faces all around. Whoa!

7       Boston, Massachusetts

Chistmas Celebrations

Christmas in England means vigour, zest and enthusiasm and the same goes for Massachusetts. Magnificently decorated streets and the tree enfolded in charming white lights are the reason why this city has been the centre of attention when it comes to Christmas celebration.

Would you skip watching 350000 LED lights wrapped around the upfront of Faneuil Hall and the famous Christmas tree? Surely, your answer would be in NO. Directly after that, you can’t miss witnessing the seven-minute, musically timed performance, which starts daily at 4:30 pm. All these things add up to the beauty of this place. You have got plenty of restaurants to enjoy the delicious local cuisines. It is an arresting sight to spot the city lightings during Christmas season.

8      Prague, Czech Republic

Chistmas Celebrations

The snow-cladded streets and fabulous lighting around add some spice to the Gothic architecture of Prague. The Old Town Square is a must-see during Christmas, where nativity scene featuring a live stable with goats, donkeys and sheep make you live the serenity in-depth.

And the rest of the magic is put on by the renowned Christmas market of Prague where you can shop the special handmade gifts and decoration materials. Added to that is the delicious food including mulled wine, traditional trdelník, roasted hem and a lot more. Vola!

9       Riga, Latvia

Chistmas Celebrations

You will be jumping into a new world of a thrill if you are after spending a holiday season in Riga. People can enjoy finger-licking food in the chain restaurants located at roadside. Don’t miss out the Latvian holiday traditions such as log dragging, seasonal cooking and the Latvian stitch craft. Horse-driven carriages or ponies are soft spots for the kids. No matter you are with family, friends or travelling solo, you will be beating drums for this majestic place after your first visit. No ifs, and, or buts about that.

10       Rome, Italy

Chistmas Celebrations

Celebrating Christmas without Christmas trees is futile. And believe me or not, you can’t spot Christmas trees as majestic as in Rome. If you are in this beautiful city to celebrate Christmas, don’t miss out on paying a call to the midnight mass at ST. Peter’s Basilica. As Rome is the home to the Catholic Church and Pope Delivers his yearly speech at St. Peter’s square. Also, Rome is the bee’s knees for gregarious and shopping lovers. A bunch of Christmas markets are there to satisfy your shopping needs.

11       Tokyo, Japan

Chistmas Celebrations

You can make an argument that most of the people living in Japan are Buddhists or Shinto, still, Christmas is celebrated with utter enthusiasm. Public places are magnificently decorated, there’s a lot of dining and shopping, whoa! An alluring show of lights is exposed to view backed with thousands of blue glowing LED lights which further increases the beauty of this city. Tokyo is very much praised for displaying the best illuminations in the world at Christmas.

Almost all of the urban hubs in Tokyo are well-decorated for the eve of Christmas, generally starting as early as December 1 till the last of December.

12       Valletta, Malta

Chistmas Celebrations

There is no denying the fact that Christmas is celebrated with energy in entire Malta. However, when you talk about the Valletta, Christmas season means decoration and lightings everywhere. Natives take part in celebrations; churches are decorated with Christmas lights and the houses are lit up to present a picturesque scene.

People leave the shutters, windows and garages open in order to swagger around their holy cribs confections to the travellers. Eye-catching Christmas lights and shows further increase the beauty of this place. Christmas in Malta is a big celebration and it’s generally referred to as Il-Milied. Loads of malls, restaurants, cafés, bistros and bars can be spotted throughout the entire city. Live Performances, music, foods, dance, lightings and decorations can steal your thunder right away.

13       Bruges, Belgium

Chistmas Celebrations

The next place on our list is Bruges. And this place is a dream destination for all the travellers pinning their hopes on an exciting Christmas experience. This city has everything to meet the needs of people expecting a European Christmas such as native food and drinks, music, dance, a marvellous ice rink and much more. Still and all, Bruges is heaven for shopping bees and gregarious. Just right in the blockhole.

14       Chicago, Illinois

Chistmas Celebrations

Well, Chicago is such a diverse city; a city accommodating all different types of ethnicities. And Christmas in Chicago means big celebration all over. Food is quite delicious and almost every international cuisine is offered at the local restaurants. The whole city is lit up in a way that can make you leave your eyes right there after your visit. Another paradise for foodies and shopping insects. Vola!

15       Copenhagen, Denmark

Chistmas Celebrations

Copenhagen holds an idyllic status in particular when it comes to Christmas celebration. This majestic city has got a variety of regional food traditions which makes it a great place to be. Handmade Christmas gifts, hot drinks and delicious sweets and a lot more entertainment makes it one of the best places to hang your hat in during Christmas.

16     Edinburgh, Scotland

Chistmas Celebrations

Edinburg is UK’s second most populous city so you can expect big crowds here. Take the services of your feet to walk down the streets to enjoy Christmas Celebrations. This city has bars and restaurants more than you can shake a stick at. You can effortlessly find reasonably-priced, delicious food right there. The entire city takes the shape of a big, decorated Christmas market during the holiday season. That is to say, a dream destination with a big crowd, that’s what Edinburgh is all about.

17      Lapland, Finland

Chistmas Celebrations

Anyone can make the case that Lapland is the epitome of Christmas spirit and it is the fascination for all the ages specifically if it’s Christmas season. This city has always been receiving huge applause for its magical winter landscapes and northern lights. With that, there are a few more outdoor activities you can try out such as dog-sledging, snowmobiling, ice fishing and reindeer sleigh rides. In winters, the temperature falls as low as -45C so you can expect white Christmas. Overall, Lapland is another fantabulous destination to celebrate Christmas.

18       Leavenworth, Washington

Chistmas Celebrations

Not only for Christmas, but Leavenworth is the destination for all seasons. Located in the Cascade Mountains of Central Washington State, Leavenworth is the sensational destination to celebrate Christmas in. Thousands of glowing lights down the streets make plenty of people visit this place each Christmas. Every year during Christmas, A Christmas Lighting Festival is held in the Bavarian-style village with arresting lighting, music, carollers and cuisines.

19       Manila, Philippines

Chistmas Celebrations

There are no words for Filipino street food, in fact, just the word amazing is an understatement. And the Philippines is a country having the stretched-out holiday season in the world, starting from September. For this reason, the full Christmas season is a synonym of excitement at its fullest. City malls and markets become the home to shopping bees due to pocket-friendly rates. Crowded churches and outdoor concerts across the city is what Manila looks like during Christmas season. All the celebrations keep going on as long as January 9. Whoa!

20       McAdenville, North Carolina

Chistmas Celebrations

The North Caroline town is often called as the Christmas Town USA. The immense lightning across the city adds to the beauty of this already beautiful place. The town is beautifully decorated with well-nigh 450,000 lights and 375 trees each December. Around 600,000 tourists book their selves in this fantastic place to celebrate Christmas. The whole town turns into picturesque scenery during the Christmas season and it’s a must-see. I kid you not.

Let us know which place you want to give a hand on and why?