102 Days of harsh lockdown in Kashmir


        “Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?”

Just imagine if you have been locked down somewhere for just 1 day and there is no food to eat any one inside your family just go outside to take food for home but when he/she would return home they come as in a dead body or brutally beaten by the harsh peoples through ballot guns, sticks, stones,firing etc. In lock-down, What would you do? Where would you go for justice?

Its sad to see that the lock down by an Indian cruel government is still ongoing. I don’t know why the United Nations are not taking any immediate and strong action to stop such kind of harsh act in Kashmir? Why the entire world is silent, it’s been 102 days now, with no homes, no internet, no phones, no water, no food more even don’t they see how much blood is flowing out all over there!

          United nations must think now are they supporting peace or war?

Recent days our prime minister Imran Khan addressed the situation of Kashmir in the united nations was so well detailed. PM Imran Khan spoke at the United Nations General Assembly in favor of the Kashmiri people and against the Indian decision to illegally change the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir.

He pointed out that India’s attempt to force this illegal decision on the people has seen a widespread curfew in the region. He explained in details everything that if this would keep going it will have the consequences far beyond the border.

Following are some pictures showing current situation in Kashmir:



    No Internet. . .

no internet

Fascist Modi govt hell-bent on converting Kashmir into a graveyard.


How long this lockdown will go on? Today is 102th Day.
May soon Kashmir see a new day, a day of freedom a day of peace and just peace. . .

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