10 Best Shows to Watch on Netflix This Year

10 Best Shows to Watch on Netflix This Year

Binge-watching our favorite TV shows seem to be the best way to relax over the weekend. Nothing provides a better experience than Netflix. It seems to be the most popular entertainment platform out there. With a ton of original content, its no wonder service providers, like Spectrum TV, have made it part of their regular features. Netflix plans bring more content to subscribers over the coming years. Judging by the quality of their original shows and movies, it is understandable why Netflix is so popular.

That said, there are literally thousands of titles that you can choose from. Most of them may not be Netflix originals, but they’re acclaimed titles in their own right.

Here are 10 of the best TV shows available to watch on Netflix right now.


1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Total Seasons: 4

Total Episodes: 51

This fun watch follows the unconventional life of Kimmy Schmidt as she moves to New York. After 15 years of living in an underground bunker, she finds herself living in one of the busiest cities in the world. Working as a babysitter and making new friends is so much more than the life she is accustomed to. Navigating through obstacles and curve-balls life throws her way, Kimmy relies on her new friendships to help her through.


2. Sherlock

Total Seasons: 4

Total Episodes: 13

Sherlock Holmes has had many adaptations over the years for TV and movies. This has got to be one of the all-time best. Directed by the mind responsible for many Doctor Who episodes, Steven Moffat works his magic again. This complex series is one you will love watching. There aren’t many episodes in the season, but each episode is just as long as an entire movie. Taking the time to watch this series will certainly be a good weekend for you.


3. Black Mirror

Total Seasons: 4

Total Episodes: 19

Black Mirror is not aimed at the pop-culture aficionados. Each episode of Black Mirror is as long as a feature film and has a different storyline and theme. It takes a very bold look at the current state of technological advancements. By showing us hypothetical scenarios in every episode, Black Mirror shines a light on where we as a society are headed. Episodes like this would be categorized as Sci-Fi but it is so much more beyond that. A definite must-watch if you like things that are new and just a little bit scary.


4. The Umbrella Academy

Total Seasons: 1

Total Episodes: 10

Imagine 7 children being born on the same day, all to mothers who didn’t know that they were pregnant. Sounds far-fetched, but then aren’t all superhero stories? All 7 children end up being adopted by a billionaire clad in mystery, who intends to train them. This show follows the dysfunctional lives of these 7 superheroes as they struggle to live normal lives.


5. Breaking Bad

Total Seasons: 5

Total Episodes: 62

Breaking Bad follows the life of a teacher as he gets diagnosed with cancer. Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is looking for a way to make some quick cash. Since his diagnosis, his expenses surpass his means and he enters a life of crime to help. Becoming a drug manufacturer seems like his best option. With the help of his accomplice, Jesse Pinkman, Walter plans to be the drug kingpin of New Mexico.


6. Stranger Things

Total Seasons: 2

Total Episodes: 17

Set in the early ‘80s, this Sci-Fi will make you question your own reality. It follows the lives of 4 seemingly normal best-friends. When one of them goes missing, the entire town comes together to search. But how can they find someone who has been taken into an alternate dimension? The efforts of the best friends are all the lost boy has to rely on. The only way to find out if they’re successful or not is by watching the award-winning series.


7. Mad Men

Total Seasons: 7

Total Episodes: 92

Set in the ‘60s the show follows the life of Don Draper. A successful advertising tycoon, at the prime of his life. Don tries to juggle his ambitions with his family life and his affairs. The first season might be considered a little slow-paced, but once you move past, you wouldn’t be able to stop watching. This captivating show puts so many things in perspective. A must-watch.


8. The Office

Total Seasons: 9

Total Episodes: 201

The US adaptation of the British show has seen more fame than the original. The office is a workplace comedy like no other. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out many hours of prime grade laughter. It revolves around the comedic escapades of the General Manager of a paper supply company.


9. Friends

Total Seasons: 10

Total Episodes: 236

Friends is not a new TV Show and you have likely already watched it. No ‘Best-of’ list could ever be complete without mentioning Friends. The classic 90s comedy is worth watching again.


10. Parks & Recreation

Total Seasons: 7

Total Episodes: 125

This witty comedy follows the work that the community Parks and Recreations department can do in your town. The first few episodes might be a bit of a drag, but the show becomes intensely hilarious from the middle of the first season. And the laughter doesn’t stop till the very end.

Before you actually sit down to watch one of these exceptional shows on Netflix, there are two things you should probably do. The first ensuring your internet won’t give out on you mid-way through the show. While most plans, like Spectrum Internet plans, do not put any data usage caps, some do. Check to see if your plan has a data cap; you don’t want to end up being charged for using out-of-plan data. Those charges can really rack up. The second is making sure that your snack table is complete with popcorn and M&M’s. The best combination for any TV marathon.